Nina – Beyond Memory (Album Review)

Nina – Beyond Memory (Album Review)


Those who grew up during the 1980s and early 1990s more than likely have the fondest memories of the era. Most proficiently, will be the music, besides the wild hair and stylish clothes. Every movie could easily be identified by the deep bellowing bass, either tenor or soprano sax wailing throughout the scenes, and the crafty odd sounds from an electronic synthesizer. With that in mind, Berlin-born Synth-Pop artist going by the name Nina has put it all together on her new four track EP, Beyond Memory.

Released on May 27th, whether one calls the music RetroSynth, New RetroWave, Synthwave, EDR (Electronic Dance Rock) or good old ’80s revival retro, it is a true blue blast from the past. Now based out of London, this talented Electro Pop artist has three EPs prior to Beyond Memory, and this offering produced by Richard X and Sunglasses Kid (who also worked on Kristine’s 2014 EP The Deepest Blue) could be her best yet.

The title song, “Beyond Memory,” premiered exclusively on Idolator on April 19th, exciting everyone who heard as it has been two years since her last creative sound, and people wanted more. Her sound is similar to Trevor Something, Sally Shapiro, and Kristin, all retro synth sound music-makers, yet, very different. The oxymoron here is this – how does she keep it so close to the memories of the good ol’ ’80s while turning up the dial to something fascinatingly brand new? The truth is each track on Beyond Memory is truly memorable. The synced sounds and waves of pure delight will transfer the listener to many desirable places.

Those who experienced the ’80s, and lived to remember, this will take them for a dreamy lull down memory lane along with their memories. With that said, a calm surf, rolling clouds, regrets, and love are all entwined in “Beyond Memory,” the first track and released single. Then “Purple Sun,” is a bit more electronic sounding than the synthesized tracks from the ’80s, but reminiscent just the same. Her words fit the mood of the song as her vocals feel as if they are swimming through each note and floating through the waves of tranquility.

Although, her remix of “Purple Sun” is a bit different, track three is just as pleasant as a swim through the waters. The last track is a remix of “Beyond Memory” with Liam Keegan and Nilesh Parma. It was a bit more note enhanced and made to feel more intense, but the original production of it on track one was perfection without the need to mix it up anywhere.

All in all, this EP was enjoyable to listen to and very comparable to all those jumping on the ’80s retro train to Electronic Dance Rock. Those with an affection for the era will feel really good to go back to a time when stiff hair-sprayed hair, tons of makeup, bracelets, and music like this were the norms. Those who are too young for memory lane should grab their mom or dad and have them take a listen to Nina. She is guaranteed to make them smile. gives Beyond Memory 5 out of 5 stars.


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