OK Go jump-start weekend The Bowery Ballroom, NYC 9-19-14

OK Go jump-start weekend The Bowery Ballroom, NYC 9-19-14

Chicago, IL Alternative Rock band OK Go came on strong with their debut self-titled Capitol Records album in 2002 and have not looked back since.  Perhaps one of the most creative bands of the genre, they have released two more charted albums over the years to follow. The band has become a household name among the Alternative Rock scene, but it has been four long years since Of the Blue Colour of the Sky was released back in 2010.  Now ready to release their fourth studio album Hungry Ghosts on October 14th, the band has been busy touring around North America the past few months.  Arriving in NYC for two nights, September 18th at (Le) Poisson Rouge, with a sold out performance Friday September 19th, OK Go was set to take the stage and put on a great show for dedicated fans.

With everyone excited for a chance to see OK Go in NYC for the first time in two years, a large screen overlaid the stage displaying various clips of TV shows, movies, and YouTube clips in which characters used the words “OK” and/or “Go”. This clever interlude ended with the voice of Kermit the Frog introducing the band, “Ladies and Gentleman….OK GO!”  Provoking the crowd to go insane, they kicked off the set with brand new song “Upside Down & Inside Out.”  It followed closely to the music video of the same song, displaying distorted versions of each band members heads singing along creating a great visual as the lights behind the band projected shadows.  Going into “You’re So Damn Hot” and another newbie “The Writing’s on the Wall”, the screen soon dropped with confetti blasting out of canons into the air consistently for more of the evening.  Fans eyes were amazed by the exciting stage show and on top of it all, vocalist/guitarist Damian Kulash along with bassist Tim Nordwind, drummer Dan Konopka, and guitarist/keyboardist Andy Ross sounded spectacular.

Mixing in favorites including “I Want You So Bad I Can’t Breathe” and “This Too Shall Pass”, they played more tracks off their latest EP Upside Out gearing fans up for the release of Hungry Ghosts in the weeks to follow.  Pausing to converse with the audience and tell humorous stories of their couple of days in NYC had everyone laughing and having a good time.  Keeping the excitement high, Konopka left his drum kit to join the band closer to the fans. The four members went on to use various instruments along with a crowd-made beat to get through the song “There’s a Fire.”  Afterwards, Kulash made his way into the crowd for the second time to play a beautiful, intimate acoustic solo of “Last Leaf.”  Connecting with fans and making the evening feel extremely personal, they allowed many to ask questions with Kulash and Nordwind answering; inviting more laughter and joy.  This did not break up the momentum of their performance but rather added a signature to the evening that only OK Go can provide.

Returning to the stage to play behind the screen once more for hit “Get Over It”, everyone danced and sang along.  Following up with “Needing/Getting,” “Do What You Want,” “Skyscrapers,” and catchy fresh song “Turn Up the Radio”, Ok Go was on fire and NYC was not ready to say goodnight.  The crowd waited impatiently for the band to come back for an encore and they were not disappointed with “White Knuckles” and “The One Moment” before closing with “Here It Goes Again”.  Half way through the final song the band enticed fans to join them on stage as everyone screamed and bounced with them as the last bang of confetti filled the air of Bowery Ballroom once more.

OK Go is enjoyable to watch and it really showed the creativity they possess after all these years.  Their antics set off a feeling of happiness among the audience and had everyone ready for the weekend.  Do not miss them as they continue their fall tour through the end of October.






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