Omg…We’re in a Horror Movie!!! (Movie Review)

Most fans of Horror have thought about the role they would play should they ever find themselves in a Horror movie: the hot jock, the babe with big boobs, the loyal best friend, the philosophical stoner, the last black dude standing, the innocent “virgin,” and so on. Horror movies are full of stereotypes that audiences have grown to know and love – from the varied characters to the different types of films themselves, devouring everything from Slashers, to Creature Features, to Torture Porn, to Psychological, mind-bending Thrillers, but it took 1996’s Scream before the rules to surviving a Horror movie were brought to the big screen. The teens from Scream showed audiences that, when one is thrown into a Horror movie unexpectedly, a good amount of blood-drenched movie knowledge has never been more important!

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From Leomark Studios, the Alchemical Brothers present Omg…We’re in a Horror Movie!!!, a Horror Comedy unlike all the rest. Directed by Ajala Bandele (In-Security 2015, The Man in Black 2015) and co-produced and co-written by Ajala Bandele and Tom Hatfield, this humorous take on Horror movie survival is filled with unique but familiar characters, witty humor, and unexpected twists and turns that will surprise even the most storied movie watcher. The music by Tyler David Gilbert (Vacancy 2014, Cannibal Clown Killer 2015) sets the mood for this unique story and wonderful cast. The film stars the director himself, Ajala Bandele, along with Brendan McGowan (Sweet Darling 2016, Friends Don’t Let Friends 2016), Sharon Mae (Dulzura 2010, Anatomy of Deception 2014), Shanna Malcolm (Smiley 2012, Black Woman 2015), Liz Fenning (Nightmare 2011, The Ghostmaker 2012), Nils Jansson (Sacrament 2014) and newcomer Chris Hampton, giving this movie a fun cast with new, fresh faces to love.

Still from Omg…We’re in a Horror Movie!!!

OMG…We’re in a Horror Movie!!!  begins with six friends, AJ (Bandele), Kyle (Jansson), Chris (Hampton), Tom (McGowan), Tanya (Malcolm), and Jesse (Mae) gathering together to play their weekly board game. They are first interrupted by Tom’s ex girlfriend Amy (Fenning), who invites herself in to play the game with them. As they begin to play again, a loud movie trailer voice fills the room and announces they are now trapped in a Horror movie. Unsure whether this is a joke or not, they casually determine what role they would play in a Horror film and who would be the first to die. As the night goes on, they realize the reality of their fates and try to increase their chances of survival by beating the stereotypical tropes from their vast knowledge of iconic Horror movies. But, will any of them survive their fate?

Still from Omg…We’re in a Horror Movie!!!

OMG….We’re in a Horror Movie!!!  is another movie within a movie, capturing audience’s attention with cheesy humor, a fun cast, and humorous nods to classic Horror films. Horror fans everywhere who love a good laugh should watch OMG….We’re in a Horror Movie!!! with friends and figure out how to beat the rules and determine which of their characters will survive until the closing credits. CrypticRock gives OMG…We’re in a Horror Movie!!! 4 out of 5 stars.

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