Once Upon A Time – The Other Shoe (Season 6/ Episode 3 Review)

The ongoing theme of season six of ABC’s Fantasy Drama Once Upon a Time has been untold stories. An interesting way to keep the series fresh, thus far fans have been introduced to The Count of Monte Cristo, briefly to Aladdin and Jafar, now, with The Other Shoe, a closer look into the world of Cinderella. Airing on Sunday, October 9th, episode three of the new season offered a lot of interesting sub-stories that are bound to have viewers yearning for more.

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ONCE UPON A TIME – “The Other Shoe” – SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT) (ABC/Eike Schroter)

Keeping the story centralized around the main players Emma, Captain Hook, Snow White, Prince Charming, and Regina, the audience learns that with the group that arrived in Storybrooke from the Land of Untold Stories came Cinderella’s wick stepmother, Lady Tremaine, and evil stepsister, Clorinda. Amidst it all, the audience is transported back in time when Cinderella was under the enslavement of her wicked stepmother where her only friend is a mouse, Gus. Cast out to live in rags and do labor all day, her wicked stepmother’s bitterness toward Cinderella is extremely clear, so clear it is frightening. When it comes time for the ball, Lady Tremaine, along with her daughters Clorinda and Tisbe Tremaine, toss Ella’s dress into the fire, thus resulting with them laughing at her, naming her Cinderella from the ash left on the charred dress.

As everyone knows, Cinderella does in fact make her way to the ball, but in this story, her path crosses Snow White’s. Having friendly conversation, Snow White points out to her that Prince Thomas is looking right at her. As a result, Prince Thomas and Cinderella dance, immediately striking magic. Sadly, directly after, Cinderella is lead to believe that Prince Thomas was leading her on as a bad joke due to the cruel words spewed at her from her wicked stepmother. Running off into the night, all that is left on the palace steps is one glass slipper.

When Cinderella arrives home, her though- to-be-evil stepsister Clorinda confesses to her that Prince Thomas does truly care for her and that all the hatred brought on Cinderella was because of Lady Tremaine. With that revealed, Clorinda, looking to break the chains of her mother, is set to run off and marry her true love, Prince Thomas’ footman.

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ONCE UPON A TIME – “The Other Shoe” – SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT) (ABC/Eike Schroter)

Seeming everyone would get their happy ending, Lady Tremaine immediately severs both Clorinda and Cinderella’s dreams. Will Clorinda be destine to be banished into the Land of Untold Stories with her overbearing and wicked mother, or will their landing in Storybrooke finally bring her true story to life?

While certainly an episode that steers off the path of the main characters, everything is still woven together nicely. For instance, Emma is still struggling with her magic and impending doom, Regina is still trying to find out what evil deed her other half is up to, and Prince Charming is struggling with the news from Rumpelstiltskin that his father’s death was no accident. Leaving the audience in suspense, The Other Shoe wraps up with Regina’s evil side freeing Mr. Hyde, ready to reek havoc on Storybrooke.

There are still a lot of uncertainties moving forward in Once Upon a Time. For example, Rumpelstiltskin is still sitting back in the shadows; that cannot possibly last much longer.  Also, Emma has finally taken the next step with Hook, asking him to move in with her; is she ready to tell him about her prophesied demise? Lastly, will Regina defeat her evil half, and will Zelena put major road blocks in her way, or see the light to do right?

So much is yet to unfold in season six of Once Upon a Time, and yet more new characters are being introduced. Minor spoiler, Dr. Frankenstein makes an appearance again for the first time in what seems like ages, now teaming up with Dr. Hyde to conquer evil. Sunday, October 16th, premieres latest episode, Strange Case, and with that, it seems the sands of time are fading away for Emma to recreate her future. Until more clues are released, CrypticRock gives The Other Shoe 4 out of 5 stars.

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ONCE UPON A TIME – “The Other Shoe” – SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT) (ABC/Eike Schroter)

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