Orphan Black – The Antisocialism of Sex (Season 4/ Episode 7 Review)

Orphan Black – The Antisocialism of Sex (Season 4/ Episode 7 Review)

Premiering on BBC America Thursday May 26th, Orphan Black’s episode entitled The Antisocialism of Sex seem to be going horrible for every member of the Leda Project. As if it was not enough from last week’s character lost, this episode is one of the most frustrating episodes of the season. Sarah, Cosima, Rachel, and Alison all seem to be in the bad luck’s crosshairs as individually, they are all punished for past and current sins. What little hope they still have, life in general seems to be making it obsolete.

sex orphan 3
Still from Orphan Black – The Antisocialism of Sex

Driven by guilt, Sarah goes rogue for the loss of Kendall. She blames herself because she was the one of the persons who orchestrated the deal. One key line that is mentioned is, “She’s following Beth,” which means that if Sarah is not strong enough, she could be following Beth into a tragic death. Sarah’s faith goes downhill and she begins snorting cocaine and making every bad decision even worse; just like Beth did before she committed suicide. Kira feels the need to tell Mrs. S that Sarah is not ok and that she understands what she must be going through.

She seems to think her mother killed her great grandmother; in a way she is not wrong. Mika makes a return as Kira is playing with her laptop assuring her that she can help with the current situation and that it is best to listen in order to look for a good solution. Later, Rachel is given the bad news that the answer to her disability is all gone thanks to Sarah and that there is no other way to fix their imminent death. She makes an attempt to help with Neolution, promising she is not like her other sisters, but she is immediately stopped as her help is not needed, nor wanted. Meanwhile, Mrs. S gives Art the description of the man who shot Kendall, and Art takes it upon himself to avenge her death and release some stress while he is at it.

sex orphan 2
Still from Orphan Black – The Antisocialism of Sex

Alison is having a breakdown of her own when she learns that Kendall has been murdered, and along with her, all the possibilities of being saved. Regardless to Alison, the party must literally go on when her daughter is having her birthday slumber get-together that same day. When Donnie enlists the priest to help Alison battle her demons, she feels the need to perfect things even more and avoid any talk about her and her clone-demons. Everyone is having the time of their lives and the kids could not be happier at the party until the police show up to arrest Donnie for just one of the few crimes they both committed. Alison does not know what to do and she adds that incident to her long list of unfortunate events. The last clone who does not have it easy this episode is Cosima. Like Sarah, Cosima feels that it is her fault Kendall got killed because she was the one who had the idea of making the trade.

When Cosima was told Delphine was murdered, all her hopes were gone. Feeling pessimistic, Cosima locks herself in the basement with the intent on sacrificing herself by planting Sarah’s ex worm bot in her own cheek in an attempt to give her sister a possible answer on how to survive Neolution. Felix gives her some words of faith and is able to stop her from making the worst decision of her life. Another person Felix stops is Sarah, who is on the edge of the bridge about to commit suicide. She then feels re-energized and convinced, ready to fight Neolution and Evie Cho to the death.

In this episode, viewers learn that although the Leda Clones may be down, they always have a way to get back up. They are strong, able, and more importantly, willing to finish the job they started. As we approach the season four finale, more and more hype is being built towards a suspenseful ending. It is giving the fandom ideas on how the end will be, and who may or may not survive. Episode eight, airing June 2nd, titled The Redesign of Natural Objects, promises more answers and more thrills as fans’ favorite clones prepare for the fight of their life. CrypticRock.com gives The Antisocialism of Sex 4.5 out of 5 stars.

sex orphan 1
Still from Orphan Black – The Antisocialism of Sex

For more on Orphan Black: www.bbcamerica.com

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