Orphan Black – Transgressive Border Crossing (Season 4/ Episode 2 Review)

Orphan Black – Transgressive Border Crossing (Season 4/ Episode 2 Review)

BBC America’s Orphan Black episode entitled Transgressive Border Crossing gave fans a clearer idea of what is to come during this season. Airing on Thursday April 21st, the episode provided the audience more insight to Beth’s backstory and the reason she committed suicide back in Season 1. The ever elusive M. K. AKA Mika also made an appearance when one of her ideas did not go as planned. Sarah has her to thank for saving her life but as the episode unfurled, so did the complications. Mrs. S. AKA Siobhan helped protect Sarah, Kira, and her mother by asking for an old friend’s help. We also learned that cloning was just the beginning of Neolution. We also uncover what phase two is—implanting dangerous, robotic, technological devices in the human body and analyzing how it is affects people. When Orphan Black first started, the show was all about who made Project Leda and why. For every Ying there is a Yang, for every up there is a down, and for every female there is a male. Keeping this in mind, we later learned of the existence of the male clone club called Project Castor. In season 4, Fawcett gives the fans a little taste of what’s to come and nothing is off-limits ever.

trans orphan 2
Still from Oprhan Black – Trangressive Border Crossing

After receiving a call from M.K., Sarah manages to flee the neolutionists. Coming back from hiding, she decides to put these things to rest once and for all and find out whatever she can to stop it. Sarah meets with Cosima in the new basement lair and asks for her help to investigate. Cosima, still saddened by not knowing anything about Delphine, reluctantly agrees to help partly to distract her mind and partly to save her life, since she seems to be the next one to die.

This episode features plenty of flashbacks of Beth and her life. The cameras she had asked for at the station show how Beth becomes bloody from an unknown place and is welcomed by Mika, who entered the apartment by lock picking the locks. Beth gives Mika a hug along with her gun and this is the last moment audiences see Beth before she jumps in front of the train. Sarah learns Beth was addicted to drugs and is saddened to learn that she knew about Paul yet refused to do anything about it. Felix also returns this episode and he is determined to follow up on some clues regarding his own biological family. There is a brief moment of uncertainty when he and Sarah come face to face; this will not be well received by Sarah when she finds out the Felix trusted Alison more than he did her. Speaking of Alison, after having her husband, Donnie, and Helena—impersonating her—come back from the doctor with great news about Helena’s offspring, she gets jealous knowing she cannot have babies herself. Fawcett keeps hinting clone wars with every episode that airs and it is very possible for every clone to be for themselves in the near future.

trans orphan 4
Still from Oprhan Black – Trangressive Border Crossing

Being almost killed and carved by neolutionists, Sarah struggles to get home as fast as she can in order to clear her suspicions about the time she was in captivity. To her misfortune, she finds just what she prayed to God not to find on the inside of her cheek. She begins checking Kira’s cheek and Siobhan quickly separates her from Sarah in an attempt to not scare her anymore.  Sarah and others are guinea pigs to Neolution and the reason for that is still a mystery.

Episode two delivered a massive explanation of what is to come for season four. In addition, there were moments of shock and moments of laughter. Orphan Black is known for its comical aspect, especially when it comes to Alison and Helena. Lines such as, “So Mrs. Hendrix, how have you been feeling?” “A little tired and many farts,” captivates the audience even more because it shows that Orphan Black can be as diverse as any other show. The Stigmata of Progress aired on BBC America April 28th with more clones returning. It was a much anticipated clone of vital importance to the show returns with a vengeance, and who knows what she has in mind with her newly acquired eyeball, but revenge and hunger for vengeance is a sure bet. CrypticRock gives Transgressive Border Crossing 4.5 out of 5 stars.

orphan 3
Still from Oprhan Black – Trangressive Border Crossing

For more on Orphan Black: www.bbcamerica.com

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