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Rockin’ out of Las Vegas, Nevada since 2003, the band known as Otherwise – Adrian Patrick (vocals), Ryan Patrick (guitar), Tony Carboney (bass), and Brian Medeiros (drums) – are set to drop their brand new album, Defy, on Friday, November 8, 2019 via their new label Mascot Records.

For music fans who may be a bit unfamiliar with Otherwise, the Las Vegas quartet has spent just over fifteen years delivering a vast pallet of Alternative Metal meets Hard Rock meets Electronica, similar to Like A Storm, Devour the Day, and Art Of Dying. Though Defy will arrive as the first LP Otherwise will release through Mascot Records, Otherwise actually have four studio albums under their belt. In October of 2006, Otherwise independently released their self-titled debut album followed by their first major label debut, 2012’s True Love Never Dies. Next, Otherwise would record two more albums for Century Media, 2014’s Peace at All Costs and 2017’s Sleeping Lions.

As an up-and-coming act, Otherwise would tour with bands such as Like A Storm and share stages with Stone Sour and Papa Roach as they watched their music reach a staggering forty million streams. Ready to get aggressive, Otherwise desired their next album be more rough around the edges, taking on a precarious attitude, and a whole lot of rebelliousness. After signing on the dotted line with Mascot Records, Otherwise enlisted the services of veteran Producer Matt Good (Asking Alexandria, Hollywood Undead) who would guide Otherwise on the eleven track journey to make Defy a reality. Going for the gold, Otherwise were determined to really give it their all with Defy. In his own words, Adrian stated: “Rock ‘n’ Roll was always meant to be dangerous. We grew up in the last era where nineties bands were Soul Rebels. They stood for something. They didn’t conform. Since the greatest risks yield the greatest return, why play it safe? We decided to swing for the fucking fences this time.

Truer words may have never been spoken, as the high energy of Defy is evident from track one, “Bad Trip.” Inspired by Adrian’s on tour encounters, Defy is kicked off with trippy electronica and lots of drive that will peak the interests of any first time listeners. A fun song, “Money” is a love story that carries an invigorating and relaxing style with laid back lyrics like “I know we ain’t millionaires, we don’t really care, we just wanna get high.” The breezy, winner take all vibe continues with “Crossfire” and the raised spirits of “Lifted.” An uptempo ballad, “Picking at Bones” is cool with learning to grow and marching to the beat of your own drum. Dynamic and defiant, “Ain’t Done Yet” must be the Otherwise M.O. while a song like “Goliath” shows there is more than meets the eye.

Taking names, “Don’t Even” has something to say about folks who do what they need to do in life. After that, “Fame and Miss Fortune” chronicles what being in the public eye is really like (“Living life in the spotlight is so overrated”). Not slowing down, the forcible vocals inside “Unbreakable” showcase the beast in Otherwise. Lastly, “Good Fight” closes Defy in suitable fashion with a desire to climb the ladder to success for more than just yourself.

Clocking in at just over thirty seven minutes, Defy is packed with short and sweet songs, big shiny choruses, and loads of personality. A ball of energy, one cannot stress enough how much vivacity and fire Otherwise have laid into this eleven song collection. Pretty much from start to finish, Otherwise have given fans fun new songs that will easily get over with a live audience while inspiring all at the same time. If you have been into Otherwise since inception, or are just discovering the band, Defy will certainly please your appetite for good solid music. For these reasons, Cryptic Rock gives Defy 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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