Otherwise – Enjoy The Pain EP (Album Review)

Otherwise – Enjoy The Pain EP (Album Review)


On October 31st, 2013, Las Vegas Rockers known as Otherwise decided to give a special thank you to their fans for their dedication and loyal support by offering a free EP Record download. The great thing is that this entire record was recorded completely on their own while they toured up and down the roads going from venue to venue. The EP album is quite different from their debut album release. What makes this album different is that this is entirely in acoustic form. Otherwise is comprised of Adrian Patrick (Vocalist), Ryan Patrick (Guitarist), Corky Gainsford (Drummer), Vassilios Metropoulos (Guitarist), and Andrew Pugh (Bassist). Adrian Patrick is quoted as saying, “Enjoy The Pain is our gift to you. It’s our way of saying thank you for the success you have helped us earn, and a little something to hold you over until our next full-length album is released in 2014.” Adrian Patrick is also quoted in saying “We recorded this entirely on our own, on the road, in between shows while out on tour. If we could not find a quiet bedroom or bathroom to track in, we’d record while literally driving down the highway… The process was not easy. It was not slick. It was not normal. It did not adhere to any set of rules, guidelines, or industry standards. At times it was painful… And we enjoyed every minute of it. So please, Enjoy The Pain with us… and enjoy this EP.”

The first track is entitled “60 MPH” which is a great track to start off the bands new EP record. What makes this track so great is that it gives you an atmosphere about the band and their life on the road. Currently, they are constantly on the road touring, promoting their debut album True Love Never Dies (2012), and meeting fans all across the nation. It is an upbeat track and a perfect starter for this record. “Once In My Dreams” is the track to follow on the album which would be a great single. What this song talks about is the hardships and difficulties of the constant life on the road. How it is not as easy as a lot of people think it is being in a band traveling up and down the roads going from city to city. How in almost a sense of the constant touring you somehow lose a part of yourself but find the strength within you to remember why you do what you do. This track is one of the highlights of the entire record.

“Enjoy The Pain” is the title track to the EP, and it is yet another solid hit. This is a great track and certainly perfect for this record. It has somewhat of an eerie sounding vibe to it that really can draw listeners in. From what can be drawn from this song is it again talks of the hardships about life on the road. This time explaining how managing a personal relationship with a significant other is quiet difficult and not all that easy as so many people seem to think it is. Though this track has an eerie vibe to it, it makes for a perfect track. The following track takes things down a few notches with their song “Miles Of Rain”. This is yet another great track, and what makes this track so great is that it shows how diverse this band can really get. It sends a simple message out to everyone out there to “Never give up, no matter how dark or dreary things might be there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel”.

The last track is called “Burn Away (III Reprise)” and is a great closing track. This song talks about the trials and tribulations asking the question “Did I make the right choice of pursuing what I love in life?” That no matter what obstacles life may throw at you to stop you pursuing your dreams that you should keep pursuing them because you only live once. This makes a killer track to close out the bands newly released EP.

To complement the free EP, on November 11th the band will release an iTunes exclusive single featuring an acoustic cover of the Billy Idol hit “Rebel Yell” as well as an acoustic version of the track “Heaven” which was the closing track on their debut album True Love Never Dies. This is an exceptional EP record and a wonderful treat for their legions of fans known as the “Wise Ones” who have supported this band in many aspects and forms from promoting them on multiple media outlets to even go as far as requesting them to be played at their local radio stations and music venues. Otherwise certainly have given a rare and special treat for their fans; giving them an inside look as to what life on the road is truly like and an inside view that though they may not be performing on stage the music industry is their passion. They live it, eat it, breathe it, and certainly give their all for the music industry and fans worldwide. Cryptic Rock gives this album 5 out of 5 stars!

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Written by Lee Letarte Jr

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