Otherwise – Peace at All Costs (Album review)

otherwisepeacecd - Otherwise - Peace at All Costs (Album review)

Otherwise – Peace at All Costs (Album review)

otherwise band photo - Otherwise - Peace at All Costs (Album review)

Otherwise hit the world by storm in 2006 with the release of their self-titled album consisting of heavy lead/rhythm guitars and a vocalist with a beautiful clean voice that overpowers most of the current generation of rock bands. Formed in Las Vegas, NV back in 2006 by brothers Adrian (lead vocals) and Ryan Patrick (lead guitars/vocals) along with Cory Gainsfield (drums), and Vassilies Metropouls (bass guitar), the band’s 2012 Century Media major label debut True Love Never Dies topped the charts while expanding their fan base. Partaking in heavy touring in support of the album for the past two years, the much anticipated follow-up album, Peace At All Costs, hits stores September 16th 2014. Calling on Grammy Award winning producer David Botrill to work on the record, Otherwise are looking to make a big statement with this new record.

Otherwise take listeners on a roller coaster ride leading off with a short intro of dark, symbolic notes, whispers, and screams on “IV”.  This is simply preparing for a fast ride of emotions that follows with “Love and War”, which is a plethora of beautiful melodies, simple yet effective guitars, and echoes of high screams and melodic clean vocals.  Next, the single “Darker Side Of The Moon” opens with screaming guitars, deep drum beats, and strong singing of Adrian. Lyrically intriguing, the track speaks of how all struggles can lead to the other side of the moon, looking for comfort in the darkness. Moving along with a similar theme, “Demon Fighter” is a very harmonic song with a catchy chorus and powerful guitar work of Ryan and Andrew Pugh.  This seamlessly leads into “Coming for the Throne” where Adrian uses his clarified singing and intense growling undertone to carry the rhythmic sounds of the guitars to a short soft bridge of echoes.

Slowing the tone of the album down slightly is “Never Say”, mixing acoustic and metal guitars perfectly while changing the feel to the war and darkness tones on the other tracks. Quickly bringing the audience back to the peak of the adrenaline rush is the speedy, thick drum beat of “The Other Side of Truth”, complemented by Adrian’s ever passionate voice.  Sliding head first into the melancholy adventure of “All The Pretty Things”, which is a beautiful dip into a musical trance of somber vocals, heavy bass lines, and melodies. Continuing into the slow waltz of “Walk Away”, the feelings transform into a meltdown of acoustic guitars, chill inducing vocal harmonies that sends shivers down the spine. Picking up the mood once again and wails the listener into a mass destruction of hard drum beats, huge bass lines, and larger than life guitars is “For The Fallen Ones”.  The track is a tribute to the fallen soldiers and their families with heartfelt words such as “Take me in and fill my cup, we will raise our glasses for the fallen ones”.

As the final chapter of Peace At All Costs approaches, “Fate Is Your Enemy” is an angry feast of ruckus vocals and high screams, rolling into an uncontrollably storm of metal madness, only to come crashing hard into the lull and romance of the brief piano piece of “V”.   That is followed by the interesting “Meet Me In The Dark” with a pop type intro of acoustic guitar and affectionate singing that glide the audience into a surreal world of melodic riffs, chords, and beats.  The musical journey concludes, sending the senses of one’s musical being ablaze, cascading into “Man on Fire”; a slower yet stronger arrangement of instrumentation and singing.

Peace at All Costs is an album which shows tremendous growth in Otherwise.  They have managed to keep the same intensity of True Love Never Dies while diving into a new spectrum of in-depth concepts.  The record is balanced and lyrically hopefully that will inevitably help Otherwise reach new heights.  CrypticRock gives Peace at All Costs 5 out of 5 stars.

otherwisepeacecd - Otherwise - Peace at All Costs (Album review)
Century Media

Check out Otherwise on their headlining tour with Like A Storm  & Islander:
09/16 Colorado Springs, CO @ Sunshine Studios Live
09/18 Ringle, WI @ Q&Z Expo Center
09/19 Racine, WI @ Rt. 20
09/20 Green Bay, WI @ The Watering Hole
09/21 Battle Creek, MI @ Planet Rock
09/22 South Bend, IN @ Cheers
09/24 Ft. Wayne, IN @ Piere’s
09/25 Morgantown, WV @ Schmitt’s Saloon
09/26 York Sprngs, PA @ Fall Jam 2014
09/27 Parkersburg, WV @ West Virginia Polo Club
09/29 New York, NY @ Webster Underground
09/30 Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall
10/01 Cleveland, OH @ Agora Ballrooom
10/03 Flint, MI @ Perani Arena
10/04 Louisville, KY @ Louder Than Life Festival
10/17 Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live Ballroom (with Korn & Avatar)


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