Palisades – Palisades (Album Review)

Palisades – Palisades (Album Review)

Awakening a sense of purpose to a scene in need of wholly unique and good music, Palisades have been making tremendous strides forward since 2011. With an outstanding perception of being, this six-piece band take risk after risk to show a crowd of thousands who and what they stand for.

Never seeming to disappoint, even from day one, the New Jersey based band has gone through some bumps in the road, just like any other, to get each and every flawless finish. From the insane vocals of Louis Miceli Jr., to a stellar guitar section made up of Xavier Adames, Matthew Marshall, and Brandon Elgar, along with Graves’ turntables, as well as Aaron Rosa’s absolutely blasting drumming, Palisades is a force not looking to be stopped anytime soon.

With only two full-length studio albums prior, 2013’s Outcasts and 2015’s Mind Games, 2017’s self-titled record is sure to be their biggest yet. Out to the public January 20th via Rise Records, Palisades ventures into the world of introspective, transcendent music, surely not to disappoint.

Jumping right into it, the record blows up with “Aggression,” a piece that highlights both smooth and rough vocals, groovy instrumentation, and clever lyrics. Completely and utterly catchy, listeners are sure to be hooked right from the start. Moving on with “Cold Heart (Warm Blood),” this piece does not stray from their new found sound. Starting off softer and lighter, carrying on through the verses and picking up during the chorus, this tactic forces listeners to pay attention to the lyrics, getting a better idea of the full meaning of each track. A great piece followed by another great piece, Palisades continues with “Better Chemicals,” a track that fully explodes with emotion and pure talent. This song is one that would be phenomenal live, while totally living up to the hype of any past music of theirs as well.

Maybe the best off the album, “Fall” fully grasps listeners and engulfs them in the sound. One hundred percent catchy and memorable, this track is eye-opening, giving listeners a richly textured and kindled piece to be a part of. Harmonic and dynamic, this piece truly will be a favorite from Palisades. Transitioning into “Let Down,” this track showcases their iconic Electronic beats and fantastic lyrics. Being equally exciting and haunting, the entirety of this album is one for the book; especially showing these qualities in the next track, “Dark.” Another favorite, this song is a total work of genius; Palisades most compelling expression yet.

The heaviest off of the album, “Through Hell” is seriously clever and ear-opening. Fueled with rage and lyrics ready to kill, this track is absolutely brilliant; if one was not a fan of Palisades before, one will be now. Lyrics “I find the pretty things and then I put them through hell” perfectly sum up this track, giving listeners an idea of what they are getting themselves into. Actually the best track off of Palisades, listeners are sure to be absolutely blown away by this one.

While not topping the track before, “Memories” is just as great as the rest of the album. Hardcore and head-bang worthy, this piece is heavy and intricate, proving to be a rousing showcase of talent and skill, only to move on with “Hard Feelings;” a track that is somewhat hard to get into but is still good nonetheless. Jumping into funky instrumentation, this song instantly gets better and is completely relatable; something that listeners look forward to when indulging in good music.

Interesting and playful, “Dancing With Demons” is such a great track. Listeners are sure to vibe with this song, making it completely enjoyable. Slightly heavy and groovy at the same time, Palisades are going to have a hard time topping this fantastic record, only to finish it off with another expansive piece. “Personal” is a great way to end off an unpredictable album.

Jump-starting the new year on a high note, Palisades are a group of insanely talented guys who know how to do it right. With yet another killer album, the only way the band can go now is up. Indulgent, inspiring, and completely intoxicating, this record blows all others out of the water. Giving their audience a wide range of skill and technique to further progress their name, CrypticRock gives Palisades 4 out of 5 stars.





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  • Jeannie Blue
    Posted at 02:44h, 21 January Reply

    I can tell you really enjoyed the CD, Kristin. Your passion for the band really came through in your writing. 😀

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