Patent Pending Return Home in Style Revolution Music Hall Amityville, NY 8-28-15

Patent Pending Return Home in Style Revolution Music Hall Amityville, NY 8-28-15

Friends and family of Mt. Sinai, New York’s Patent Pending knew the Punk Rock band was heading towards greatness as far back as 2001 when the band formed as high school friends. While some faces have changed over the years, Joe Ragosta (Vocals) and Patent Pending consistently release music that screams out to the fans. A variety of Punk, Rock, and Pop Rock hits have kept fans enjoying the well-rounded band, now comprised of Anthony Mingoia (Drums), Marc Kantor (Guitar), Rob Felicetti (Guitar, Vocals), and Corey DeVincenzo (Bass, Vocals). While the music is, in and of itself, enjoyable to listen to, it is the band’s on-stage performance that has perhaps won fans over more so than anything. In fact, the frenetic pace that the group maintains is matched only by the fans that come to see them.

Spending a great deal of their time touring abroad in Europe these days, the Long Island natives returned home for a very special show on Friday, August 28th, for a night at Amityville’s Revolution Bar & Music Hall.  Excited for the return of the hometown heroes, fans poured into the venue with a feeling of comradery flowing through the air. Some dressed as a pirate and Mario marked major moments in the band’s life as they made reference to the band’s first full-length album from 2001, The Pirate House, and most recent 2014’s Mario and the Brick Breakers.  In between these two great albums, the band has experienced many great moments, none of which might have been more memorable for the members than having the opportunity in 2012 to be a part of The Billboard & Chevrolet Battle of the Bands. Patent Pending would eventually go on to win this battle and it gave the band a one of a kind chance to play live at the Billboard Music Awards that same year. Three years later, the band is stronger than ever and Long Islanders were eager to see them again. Having last played in front of a Long Island crowd in the same venue on December 26th alongside Andrew W.K., Patent Pending prepared once again to take the stage, bringing along with them four very talented bands for a night fans would truly enjoy.

As the building filled and fans joined the stage, Call The Station would get the honor to open the show. The Long Island natives comprised of Anthony Wall (Vocals), Matthew Florio (Guitar, Vocals), Mauricio Rincon (Guitar), and Nick Kolokathis (Drums) released their debut album in November of 2013, titled Signals. Out of the ashes of former band Nothing to Lose, Wall and Florio bring together a group that has close ties with Patent Pending as Robert Ragosta would lend bass talent to the band while the band worked on their second album. The two bands had shared the stage before at Revolution as Call The Station played their first ever performance as part of a show there also featuring Patent Pending. Getting fans excited for the future of Call The Station, the band kicked things off with the with infectious “Better Off.” Continuing with new song “Truth and Consequence,” the band continued to give fans entering the building no other option but to head right to the stage area to enjoy the music. While you always want a show to go off without a hitch, sometimes it is not meant to be. When this happens, it can make or break a band. When guitar issues started to arise for Call The Station, they chose to use the time to joke around with fans and keep them entertained. Proving that not even unforeseen problems could keep the band down, the band would go on to finish strong with “Running” before closing with “Falling Skies” off their debut album.

Marking their first show back in quite some time, Call The Station delivered on every single level. To thank fans for their continued support, the band invited everyone over to their merchandise booth for free items including stickers, bracelets, and even t-shirts! Fans looking to hear more from Call The Station can check out for three new tracks, all of which were played live. Signals is available on iTunes and is a no-brainer purchase for fans of the genre.

In a music scene mostly dominated by men, it is difficult for a female to rise to the top and garner notice. Clearly Erica Milito (Guitar, Vocals) missed that memo as she aimed to set the Amityville crowd ablaze alongside Nick DiMarco (Guitar), Kevin Graffeo (Bass), and P J Bertucio (Drums). The Long Island foursome, collectively known as The Cavalry is Us, joined the stage with the clear goal of expanding their crowd base via their hard-hitting music and energy levels. Celebrating their release of the new record Lessons in Moving On earlier this year, the band joked early about how the night would increase their fan base 300%… to three fans. With expectations this high, it is amazing how far above these expectations The Cavalry is Us might have landed by the end of their performance. Opening with tracks off of Lessons in Moving On with “West End” and “Modern Life,” the band would go on to play a track so new it did not even have a title yet. With fans jumping and moshing along, the band continued with “Sidelines,” “Wrecked,” and “Howe” off of the same album.

Backed by Reverend Guitars, Jet City Amps and Dark Horse Percussion, this is a band that needs to be on your radar. With this show closing out the Summer for the band, fans will anxiously await more new tracks to sink their teeth into. Fan’s looking to hear more can check out their BandCamp site and look into their first album, Cheers to Being Bad People.

When Long Island’s own I Ignite last played in front of the Long Island crowd back in the end of November of last year, their future seemed bleak and uncertain. With their drummer struck with the flu and their bassist leaving, the last minute show was turned into an acoustic set. While this set was stripped down and maybe not what the band had hoped it would be, it would not mark the end of I Ignite. Now, coming back stronger than ever, the band has a simple goal in mind: to be even better than before. With all the right tools to do so, the band came to the stage with their first show in too long. Joined by a second vocalist in the very talented Jason Sharpe, as well as a new bassist, the band joined the stage with new track “Thank You” kicking things off. Blasting through “Burn Your Memory” and ”Lost in the Sound” off of Rise and Define, the crowd developed a mosh pit that would follow I Ignite through the rest of their performance. Choosing this day as the perfect day to unleash a new track on the Long Island fans, the band would follow with new track “With Every Word.”  I Ignite would continue with “Falling” off the band’s self-titled EP before closing with “Fall of Yesterday.”

I Ignite hope to take things to the next level on September 19th as they take part in the Battle For Knotfest. This two day festival hangs a giant prize on the line as the winner will go on to open for Slipknot later this year. With all the tools needed to make an impact, it is up to fans of the band to join them at the Amityville Music Hall to show their support!

Before Patent Pending went on to take the show home, one last band had its chance in the spotlight. The Indie Pop Band based out of Long Island known as Shiffley provided a different sound for the night that set them apart from the bands who had played before them. With Alex Ganes (Vocals) belting notes out into a retro microphone, this five piece had those in attendance taking notice. Joined by Alex Jenks (Keyboard), Bryan Conteras (Drums), Shaune Killough (Bass), and Will Rosati (Guitar), Shiffley is quickly taking the music world by storm having placed as a finalist on both CBS’s Grammy Gig of a Lifetime and VH1’s Make a Band Famous competitions.  With a unique sound that had those in attendance dancing along, Shiffley shared top tracks off  their multiple EP’s including the most recent Anthem City, released in early August of this year. Opening with “Up and Down,” the band continued with “Telephone” and “Ships.” Shiffley took the middle of their set to unleash a cover song that would have even the original artist of the track blown away. While on paper, having a cover of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” during the middle of a Rock show might have seemed unreal, it became a reality the crowd graciously accepted and sung along with. Winning the crowd over, Shiffley moved on to “Knives” before closing with “Cry” and “Systems.”

Those hoping to hear some more of Shiffley will be happy to know they are touring religiously in the Tristate area. Fans looking to check out some of their music online will be able to find a variety of EP’s as well as a free track titled “Clarity” (Zedd ft. Foxes).

With the fans having already experienced a fantastic variety of music, Patent Pending prepared to bring the house down. Coming on stage to a raucous crowd, it would not take long at all to pump up the Long Island crowd. As the first few chords were strummed and a banging could be heard coming from below the Revolution Bar’s trademark red “R,” fans quickly became frenzied as the headlining act began to perform. Playing their hits including “I Already Know (She Don’t Give a Shit About Me) “ and “Douchebag,” fans in attendance were given multiple chances to sing along as Ragosta continuously sent the microphone into the crowd for fans to join the sing-a-long.  When he felt like he needed to reach fans a little further back, Ragosta had no choice but to leap off stage and crowdsurf his way further into the Long Island crowd.

Between songs, the band continued to thank the crowd for joining them. There were also humorous stories peppered throughout the night about previous shows they had performed and the mannerisms of Ragosta’s young daughter. This gave the show an overall feel more of a hangout between old friends than of a typical performance.  The crowd quickly became a part of the performance. Fans crowdsurfed, some making their way to the stage to sing along with the band, who graciously accepted all oncomers. Others in attendance formed a kickline, arms around one another and feet swinging into the air. The pirate’s hat and hook even made an appearance on stage as members of the band handed them off while playing, before returning them to the elated fan. The fans in attendance felt just as much a part of the show as Patent Pending did on stage.

Patent Pending continued their set with other fan favorites including “Anti – Everything” and “Psycho in Love.” Fans, including the one dressed as the subject of the track were overjoyed as the band kicked into “Hey Mario,” singing along with the quirky track that suggests maybe Mario should just quit trying to woo the Princess. “The Whiskey, The Liar and The Thief” gave the fans another sing-a-long track off of Brighter to join along in.

Before closing the show, Joe Ragosta took some time to thank those one last time before starting a speech that resonated with fans. Very simply, he wanted fans to know the that year would be over before one would realize it. He encouraged fans to reach for their goals and just “Go for it.”  It seemed only fitting that Patent Pending closed the show with a cover of the theme song from Friends. Aiming the microphone into the crowd, the lyrics, “I’ll be there for you” seemed to hit home for fans as it seems Patent Pending has always shared a connection with the Long Island crowd. Heartbreaking as it might have been, despite Ragosta begging to have the band play more, the night had come to an end. Staying around after the performance to meet, greet, and thank those who had come to see the show, Ragosta chose to stay with fans as long as possible.

Great bands know how to engage their fans throughout a performance. The best bands can go one step further and be one with their fans during their time on and even off the stage. This becomes evident quickly during a live show with Patent Pending. Whether it is singing alongside a fan that has crowdsurfed their way to the stage or joining the crowd on the floor, Patent Pending is a band that cherishes every moment they get to spend not in front of, but alongside their fans. With the band now setting their sights over to the UK as they begin a tour with Zebrahead in November, Long Island fans won’t have to wait too long before the band returns home again in December to play in front of the Amityville crowd once again the day after Christmas as part of their 2015 Holiday Tour with a date in Pennsylvania also confirmed.

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