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Phantom Elite – Blue Blood (Album Review)

Phantom Elite band 2023
Coming together back in 2016, Phantom Elite are one of the fresher bands to enter the ever-grown modern Metal scene. In a time when it is often hard to distinguish who is who, this band does their best to grab your attention with an interesting mix of styles ranging from Symphonic Metal to Alternative Metal, plus a few things in between. To some, perhaps not all too original, what helps Phantom Elite standout are the songs themselves.
Briefly summarizing the band’s history, Phantom Elite was initially brought together by former After Forever Guitarist Sander Gommans to perform songs from HDK live. Accomplishing this, Gommans assembled a solid lineup of musicians, one which included Brazilian Vocalist Marina La Torraca. La Torraca, known for working with Exit Eden, as well as a live vocalist for Avantasia, immediately became a focal point, thus resulting in the formation of Phantom Elite. From here the band worked independently for their first few years, releasing their album Wasteland in 2017. An album that created a lot of interest, Frontiers Music SRL signed them up, and released their 2021 sophomore album Titanium to positive acclaim. Now in 2023 they return with their new album Blue Blood.
Their third studio album, it is the second where La Torraca is joined by Dutch musicians Max van Ech (guitars, bass, keyboards) and Joeri Warmerdam (drums). Arguably more of a solidified band with this steady lineup, Gommans is still behind the scenes and assisting in the production. These factors put into consideration, Blue Blood arrived on March 17th and is truly an eclectic set of heavy music. 
Consisting of 10 songs – including the singles “Inner Beast,” “Skin of My Teeth,” “Black Sunrise,” and “Apex” –  Blue Blood really offers something for several different types of listeners. This is because it includes an ever-present Electronic influence matched with a very modern Alternative Metal one; akin to guitar tones and vocals similar to the likes of Motionless in White or Stitched Up Heart. Beyond this, they also manage to interject a dark, melodic styling that some might say is along the lines of early ‘2000s Gothic Metal, with a band like Within Temptation in mind. That said, as mentioned, where Phantom Elite excel is with their songs which hook you with progression, melodies, and strong vocals. 
A truly well polished act, some of the best moments on Blue Blood would have to include the addictive and energetic “Inner Beast,”  “Skin of My Teeth,” as well as the excellent “Darkdark.” However, it is the darker, moodier tracks, which includes both “Birdcage” and “Laid with Vines,” that really cement the record.  
Overall, Phantom Elite is a band with plenty of depth and they have the song chops to rise to the top of the modern Metal scene That is why Cryptic Rock recommends Blood Blood and gives it 4 out of 5 stars.  
Phantom Elite - Blue Blood artwork
Phantom Elite – Blue Blood / Frontiers SRL (2023)
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