Pierce The Veil Rattle Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA 6-14-16 w/ Movements & I The Mighty

pierce the veil boston slide - Pierce The Veil Rattle Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA 6-14-16 w/ Movements & I The Mighty

Pierce The Veil Rattle Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA 6-14-16 w/ Movements & I The Mighty

Hailing from San Diego, California, the band known as Pierce The Veil has captured the attention of music lovers the world over. Began by Vic (vocals/guitar) and Mike (drums) Fuentes, coming together over a decade ago with the hopes and dreams of creating something extraordinary, the rest of the puzzle was put together following the release of their 2007 debut, A Flair for the Dramatic. The band further solidified when they added the pieces of Tony Perry on guitar and Jaime Preciado on bass. Embracing themselves and their vision, the group soon rose to new heights upon the release of 2010’s full band effort, Selfish Machines.

Now just four years since the acclaimed 2012 album, Collide with the Sky, Pierce The Veil returned in May with their brand new effort, Misadventures. With new music in hand, it almost always guarantees a tour is tucked right around the corner to baptize the songs. With that in mind, Pierce The Veil has already played an immense amount of shows in the past few years, some including their own headlining tours, some supporting others, all helping the band gain even more well-deserved attention. While all of their concerts are an incredible experience, and special in their own way, 2016 truly brings one of their most thrilling runs to date in the form of The Misadventures Tour. Coming to life on April 7th through the usual media-centered announcement, this is not just any other tour; unlike the usual, Pierce The Veil has decided to amp up their set list by playing Misadventures in its entirety; a risk that most musicians are not willing to take. Concluding the sixteen date tour on June 26th out in Los Angeles, California, Pierce The Veil, with support of Movements and I The Mighty, sold out a plethora of shows within minutes of going on sale, making it one of the hottest tickets around.

Then, a little under halfway through the run, on Tuesday, June 14th, they brought the Misadventures Tour to The Paradise Rock Club in Boston, Massachusetts. A sold out show, the club filled slowly, with eager fans; some of which had been waiting since early that morning. With a line wrapped around the block as soon as the doors opened, the energy immediately flowed out as the floor crammed with an anxious audience ready for a night of fun, surprise, and most of all, music.

With everyone finding a spot to stand, soon after their entrance, the lights dimmed and California’s Movements took the stage. An incredibly new, yet powerful band, Movements definitely grasped the entire crowd’s attention the second they walked onto the stage to offer their emotional brand of Post-Hardcore Rock. Playing an abbreviated set of seven songs, the four members, consisting of Patrick Miranda (vocals), Ira George (guitar), Spencer York (drums), and Austin Cressey (bass) captivated the crowd in their own way. With Miranda’s unique voice, that tells stories using raw energy and passion, George’s concentration and skill, York’s inane talent, and Cressey’s dedication, Movements put everything they had into their music. It all began with “Hatchet,” a song filled with emotion and sincerity as Movements had all eyes on them.

Introducing themselves, they continued on with “Worst Wishes” before drawing in even more attention with cuts such as “Buried” and “Protection.” Putting themselves completely out there, “Vacant Home” and “Nineteen” brought on the first crowd surfer of the night as Movement’s music truly made everyone feel something. Closing our their set with “Kept,” Miranda soon after invited everyone to come hang out with them at their merchandise table for an even more personal introduction. Those looking for thoughtful lyrics and enticing music should absolutely check out Movements and pick up their debut EP, Outgrown Things.

With interludes of State Champs, Bring Me The Horizon, Hands Like Houses, and Blink-182 to warm up the crowd in between sets, the crew had enough time to get the stage set up for fellow Californians I The Mighty. Come together back in 2007, the collective of Brent Walsh (lead vocals, guitar), Ian Pedigo (guitar, backing vocals), Chris Hinkley (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Blake Dahlinger (drusms) are recently coming off the release of their third studio album, 2015’s Connector. Drawing strong influence from more Progressive and Experimental sounds, I The Mighty were the right mix of diversity to the Misadventures Tour. Having toured in the past with the likes of Coheed and Cambria and Enter Shikari, they were ready to take on yet another sold out club, acting as main support for Pierce the Veil.

Kicking their set off with “Lady Of Death,” the crowd’s response was growing more rowdy. Continuing with “The Lying Eyes Of Miss Erray,” “Psychomachia,” “Speak To Me,” “Playing Catch With 22,” and “Four Letter Words,” each song brought more intensity as more crowd-surfing and moshing began. Taking a breather midway through their set, Walsh gave it up for the others bands who were on the tour and even shared a story about how the band always looked up to Pierce The Veil. Exciting to hear such personal details, they moved on with “Slow Dancing Forever,” a song that toned down the crowd for a bit, before picking them right back up with “Failures.” Instrumentally superb, they closed with “A Spoonful Of Shallow Makes Your Head An Empty Space” and “The Dreamer,” all while having everyone’s blood pumping in excitement.

With anticipation rising, the crowd began to grow tighter as it was already pooling an unbelievable amount of energy. Playing the entirety of Misadventures, Pierce The Veil took the stage without warning as the crowd went in sane, pushing in every direction trying to get closer. Jumping right with “Dive In,” all eyes were on the front of the room as Vic’s voice sounded full and vital. As if it was not possible, the madness increased as they continued with “Texas Is Forever,” and then single “The Divine Zero.”

Adding to the atmosphere, confetti exploded into the air as loud screams followed for fan-favorite “Floral & Fading.” A moment in a night of moments, it seemed to bring the crowd together, beaming a sense of community and raw energy through all. Capitalizing on these good vibrations, “Phantom Power And Ludicrous Speed” and another favorite, “Circles,” followed. Feeding off the audience, the band’s personalities shined bright with Vic constantly engrossed in passionate singing, Preciado moving around provoking everyone to get involved, Mike dominating on drums, and Perry focusing on his masterful lead guitar skills.

Even though there are no slow songs off of Misadventures, they decided to change it up and bring it down a few notches for “Today I Saw The Whole World” as Vic switched out for an acoustic guitar while his fellow bandmates left the stage. From here, a once fast-paced piece was soon turned into a beautiful ballad that captured the hearts of the audience. Then, only half way through the song, the stage grew dark and the sounds of night-life filled the room while the rest of the band rejoined for a full blown orchestration.

Finishing up the Misadventures album with “Gold Medal Ribbon,” “Bedless,” “Sambuka,” and the loudest, craziest song of the night, “Song For Isabelle,” everyone united as one to sing “Back in the days when I was young I’m not a kid anymore. But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again.” Departing from the stage, which seemed like it could not hold them much longer, the revved up audience began demanding an encore. Filling the room with cheers and screams, Pierce The Veil took the stage once again to perform 2012’s “Bulls In The Bronx” and “King For A Day,” bringing more confetti and an even larger pit for an epic conclusion.

What made this show so special was each and every person in the venue was fully immersed in the music. Whether they were in the crowd screaming every word, in the pit harmlessly shoving random strangers, a parent hanging out upstairs, the crew watching from side stage, or event staff, Pierce the Veil grabbed the attention of everyone. It was a risk to perform a new album from start to finish, but the risk paid off, and the reward was extraordinary.

Photos by: Rebecca Miller 
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