Puddle Of Mudd Deliver At Revolution Music Hall Amityville, NY 2-19-16

Puddle Of Mudd Deliver At Revolution Music Hall Amityville, NY 2-19-16

It has been a long and interesting road for Hard Rock band Puddle of Mudd. Originally begun back in 1991, led by Vocalist/Guitarist Wes Scantlin, they spent years working hard to make a name for themselves with dreams of breaking out of the Kansas City, MI area to become international Rockstars. Sadly, the band had all but broken up by 1999, but their earlier demo found its way into the hands of Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit who knew Scantlin had something special. Knowing his talents could not go to waste, Durst brought Scantlin out to California to revive the band. With a new group of musicians, Puddle of Mudd was alive and only ready to scratch the surface of success as they released their major label debut album, Come Clean, in the Summer of 2001. That album would go three times platinum, top charts around the world while being anchored by four hit Rock singles. Puddle of Mudd had finally made it, and since have released four more original studio albums, the last being 2009’s Volume 4: Songs in the Key of Love & Hate. 

While Puddle of Mudd’s supporting cast has changed through the years and controversy has seemed to follow Scantlin everywhere, the lead singer battles through it all to keep the band going. With a new lineup since 2014 consisting of Scantlin (lead vocals/guitar), Matt Fuller (lead guitar/backing vocals), Michael John Adams (bass/backing vocals), and Dave Moreno (drums/backing vocals), Puddle of Mudd continue to perform shows around the world to packed rooms. With their eyes set on a European tour in March, the road prior saw them stop in Amityville, NY on Friday, February 19th. Promoted by local radio station 94.3 The Shark, the show had already had a buzz surrounding it and Puddle of Mudd found themselves selling out the Revolution Bar and Music Hall. Supported by a cast of local bands, the eager pack of fans arrived in droves to kick off the weekend with a Rock show.

Opening the show was local act by the name After Augustine. Featuring members Gary J. Homes (guitar, vocals), Timmy Ginley (bass), and Scott Shores (drums), the Rock band invited an already near-full crowd in with an awesome lineup of songs. With tracks like “Girlfriend”, the band quickly gained traction through their set before joining the crowd to hangout for the night. Drawing the crowd in closer to the stage as the building hit near-full capacity, What They Died For picked up right where After Augustine left off. Five friends bonding over shared beliefs, Steve Orfanos (vocals), Chris Orfanos (guitar), Andrew Sbarra (guitar), Nigel Cobham (drums), and Brad Franklin (bass) came together to share their love for music and their love for a higher power. With several hard-hitting Metal tracks, Orfanos took time before the band’s closing track to inspire fans with his story. Leading For the Kill, Frank “The Bald Guy” (vocals, guitar) was up next. Wearing a full on cloak before their set, Frank was joined by Tommy D’Angelis (bass), Joey C. (guitar), and Count Diefenbach (drums). For The Kill is as pure of a Rock-n-Roll band as a group can get, and a pleasure to see live. Playing in front of the sold out crowd pumped the band through a powerful set.

With the crowd pumped and anticipation building, a smell of incense hit the air. The crowd was soon joined by New York City based band Blue Movie, also known as Black Film. Not to be confused with the 1969 Adult movie of the same name, as the band jokes, the band has been incredibly active since their inception. Though the roster has seen some variations through their time together, the ultra-talented Lisa Foerderer (drums) and Tony Paris (guitar) remain as original members joined by the enigmatic Anthony Noto (vocals) and the Matthew V. Baram (keyboard, vocals) were ready to rock Revolution Music Hall.

Joining together on the dark stage, Noto scanned the area, quipping how he was probably going to trip on something. Paris jokingly removed a possible tripping hazard before the band entered into their opening with “Pleasure Dome/Two Tribes.” It immediately became clear why Noto was worried about tripping as the lead singer became completely unhinged in his performance. With an energy impossible to replicate, Noto and the rest of Blue Movie took the crowd on a journey. That journey continued with “Love Grenade” and “Murder Will Out.”

As the set continued, Noto once again joked with the crowd, realizing that despite how great the visual was, the incense should probably be put out in fear of starting a fire. Getting right back to business and not missing a beat, the band continued on with “Affluenza.” Up next was “Ignite,” a song the band has fans eagerly awaiting a music video for, due out soon. As the crowd moved along with the band, the band unleashed their finale with “Electric Water.” Adding another layer to the song, the band was introduced by friend DM, who provided the band with extra lyrical support. DM’s voice complemented Noto’s as she kicked the performance up a notch before the band wrapped up and thanked the crowd.

Blue Movie recently confirmed a show joining Faster Pussycat in April, and the band is currently planning a tour that will find them all along the North East. Off stage, the team behind Blue Movie is just as busy. Aside from the usual items keeping musicians busy, the band also works hard on a Comic Book series. The Comics, also under the Blue Movie/Black Film moniker, follows Comic stylings of the band. The series has been featured at Comicon for multiple years, winning awards along the way, and is a very worthy read, do with that and their music, Blue Movie is well worth checking out.

Before Puddle of Mudd had their chance in the spotlight, it was time for fans to experience New York City’s Killcode. Providing fans with what their Facebook page perfectly considers “Anthems For Outlaws,” the band came on stage ready to rock out with their hard-hitting Southern Rock style jams. With Tom Morrissey leading the way on vocals, the band started its roots in 2008 and found their first EP released in 2008. With D.C. Gonzales and Chas’ punishing guitars with blistering solos, Erric Bonesmith hammering away on bass, and Rob Noxious wailing on the drums, the group has been enjoying growing success over the years with their 2012 self-titled album hitting # 2 on the Heatseekers Chart, and now, having their eyes set on a new album in 2016.

Gearing up to hit the stage, the band was introduced to pump up the crowd. Announced as being one of the biggest bands to come out of Long Island alongside greats like Twisted Sister sets the bar high for any band. Killcode made sure that claim was worth its weight in gold, opening up with “6 am,” reeling fans in with their pure rock music. With the crowd warmed up to the talented group, continuing with “Answer” and “Show Me,” the band continued to treat an energized crowd to their Hard Rock anthems. “Shot” was next and added fuel to the fire as the band played it up to the crowd.

The band pumped up the crowd some more before heading into “Hands Up” and “Tied.” As Morrissey motioned towards each guitarist, Gonzales and Chas traded guitar solos, trying to one-up each other along the way. To finish off their night, the band played “Kicking and Screaming” before thanking the crowd and asking them to join them by their merchandise booth where the band gladly signed autographs and posed for photos to close out the night. Killcode is a must-see band for anyone into anything Hard Rock. They continue to pump out new tracks and they will be joining KISS’s Ace Frehley for a show at The Paramount in Huntington on April 13th.

With five bands down, it was time for Billboard Music Award’s 2002 “Rock Artist of the Year,” Puddle of Mudd. As the curtain opened once more, revealing Scantlin on a stool with the other band members around the stage, fans cheered knowing the show was ready to begin. After exchanging salutations with a few members of the audience, Puddle of Mudd wasted no time and kicked into the hit “Drift and Die.” With the crowd strongly behind him, Scantlin took time between songs to tell stories of how the band came together, starting by making mention of Fred Durst assisting the band’s beginnings. As the story came to an end, the band continued on with another hit, “Control.” Fuller decided to spice things up and left the stage upon the song’s conclusion, grabbing a balloon from the booth that The Shark had set up for the night and handing it off to Scantlin who proceeded to attempt to pop it to no avail. Scantlin joked, “We’re going to pop that thing before this show ends,” before letting the balloon ride off into the rafters. Next came the 2003 single “Away From Me,” which had fans moving along as best they could on the jam-packed dance floor.

Scantlin kept no secrets, talking about his ex, between songs, shedding light on many aspects of the musician’s life. The crowd laughed along with several stories throughout the night. Then, “Psycho” continued the festivities and kept the level at a very fun pace while Scantlin enjoyed the first of a few beers on stage. As the song came to an end, Scantlin went on to talk about his father before rolling into their cover of Neil Young’s “Old Man,” a song featured on the 2011 cover album, Re:(disc)overed. Loose and having a good time, Scantlin then reached for a half empty cigarette pack from his pocket, drew one and searched for a lighter. A front row fan happily obliged, lighting his cigarette with his Zippo while excited about the experience.

As the night continued, Scantlin surprised fans with news that the band had recently signed a new record deal. The lead singer then humored the crowd, saying the record company just had three rules for Scantlin. Number one was “Don’t do anything fucking stupid.” For numbers two and three, Scantlin simply repeated the first rule. The line elicited laughter from the fans and it was great to see Scantlin had a sense of humor about his highly publicized blunders over the past few years. Keeping the music going, the band then segued into 2009’s single “Spaceship.”  Before continuing on, Scantlin asked the around, saying “I thought we were doing shots tonight!” The bartender at the satellite bar set up near the stage to help with the huge crowd was quick on his feet and ready to help, providing the singer with a full bottle of Southern Comfort. After endorsing the brand to the fans, Scantlin unscrewed the cap and took a sip before the band made their way to “Already Gone.” Lighting one more cigarette before moving on, the band decided to pay tribute to Black Sabbath’s classic “War Pigs,” fitting since everyone’s mind is on the fact the band is winding down their career on their final tour.

Before closing the set, Scantlin apologized to the crowd for being unable to play guitar, saying he had recently slipped on some ice and had injured himself. Understanding, the crowd awaited the finale as the band closed out with another favorite from Come Clean, “She Hates Me.” Sprinkling in parts of “Summer Nights” of Grease fame added even more to the sing-along song. Even the otherwise reserved Scantlin could not help but leave his stool and rocked out with Moreno by his drum kit. Giving Revolution a chance to take over, Scantlin aimed the microphone towards the crowd for several parts of the song, along with the “Lalala” sections. As the lights strobed towards the song’s finale, the musicians jammed out before leaving their instruments and heading off stage.

Fans eagerly awaited the chance to hear the band play one more song and the jam-packed venue was not disappointed as they soon returned to rock out to “Blurry.” Knowing the show was coming to an end, everyone left nothing behind as they sung along with Scantlin, louder than ever before. After a few fist bumps with crowd members, Scantlin and company quickly joining their fans behind the merchandise booth for photos and autographs to end the night on a great note. All in all, Puddle of Mudd delivered a strong set that had no hiccups. Scantlin and Puddle of Mudd now are set to head over to Europe in March before a slew of other shows slated for Summer in the US. With a new album on the horizon and a record deal finalized, Puddle of Mudd is here to stay.

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