Pvris Enchant NYC 10-10-17 w/ Lights & Flint Eastwood

Good things come to those who wait, and for Pvris, fans’ patience paid off on August 25, 2017 when the band released their highly anticipated new album, All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell. Coming three years after the chart-topping 2014 debut album White Noise, their sophomore effort, All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell, sees the band take a giant leap forward. A cohesive gem of music, filled with songs that are both passionate and mature, it could be the album that takes Pvris to the next level. Yes… it is that good. 

All this said, the New England based band known as Pvris, pronounced Paris, have also been hard at work touring over the last few years. Out supporting other acts, while also partaking in some of their own headlining shows, Pvris raise the bar of excitement yet again this fall with their full-blown headlining tour. A couple of short months after a successful summer tour with Muse and 30 Seconds to Mars, the Pvris headlining North American Tour 2017, with support from Lights and Flint Eastwood, kicked off on September 22nd with dates running through October 22nd. A 19 show itinerary in total, on Tuesday, October 10th, Pvris and company arrived in New York City, promising an evening no one would soon forget.  

Not unfamiliar with the beautiful chaos that is Manhattan, Pvris have made their share of visits to the city in recent years. Perhaps one of the most memorable was the evening of June 8, 2016 when they electrified Webster Hall. Returning for more, Terminal 5, down in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, would be the hosting venue this time around as the night kicked off with Jax Anderson, known on stage as Flint Eastwood. 

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Flint Eastwood is an artist who takes a great deal of pride in her work. She writes her own songs, designs her own graphics, make her own music videos, and owns her own art. A strong minded individual, knowing exactly what she wants is part of the charm that makes her such a compelling and upcoming artists. Recently releasing her Broke Royalty EP back in April, Eastwood also made it out to SXSW, before taking to the road on her own spring tour. Now out supporting Pvris, Eastwood was ready to take on a larger audience. 

Playing tracks such as the empowering “Queen,” as well as “Push” and “Monster,” Eastwood’s energy output was off the charts. Breaking the ice, she kept enticing the audience to let loose before throwing down some dance moves before continuing with tracks including “Glitches” and “Small Victories.” Gracious for the chance to be on such a tour, she concluded her performance with “Rewind” before inviting anyone who wanted, to come visit her at the merchandise table thereafter. Full of life, and just so much fun, Eastwood’s positive energy rubbed off on the audience, making her the fitting opener for the night.  

Next up was another talented lady known to all as Lights. A Canadian musician who has been at it since she was high school, now at 30 years old, Lights is a musician mature beyond her years. Best described as Alternative Pop, Lights does not fit any mold, offering something deeper than cookie cutter radio ready music. Proving just that with her latest album, Skin&Earth, not only does the music strike as different, she even has developed an alternative ego in the form of a new comic series. Bringing that character to life within illustrations, the music of Skin&Earth also bleeds the storyline. 

This picture painted, the fire-red-haired Lights gracefully took to the stage of Terminal 5 ready to perform a balanced mix of her music. From newer song like “Skydiving,” to the older “Flux and Flow” and the catchy “Muscle Memory,” diversity was the approach early on. Flowing into “Running with the Boys,” Lights explained the track was about her youth, inviting the audience to sing along.

Keeping with 2014’s Little Machines album, “Portal” would come before Skin&Earth’s R&B drenched “New Fears,” guitar driven “Savage,” electric “Moonshine” and uplighting “Giants.” With good vibes flowing through the air, inspiring the audience to sing along, the set came crashing down with crowd favorite “Up We Go.” A great performance from start to finish, hopes are Lights will be back around in support of Skin&Earth soon, with an even more colossal setlist! 

Moving and grooving with Flint Eastwood and then Lights, the time had finally come for Pvris. As mentioned, out in support of the universally acclaimed All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell, there was a buzz in the audience, an anticipation that could be felt. It is highly probable that many in attendance went out to Pvris’ summer run with Muse and 30 Seconds to Mars, but yearned for more. Who wouldn’t, knowing just how irresistible Pvris’ new album is; the bottomline, these fans wanted a full exploration into Pvris’ world.

With that eager tension mounting, the clamor of the audience was turned up more than a few decibels as Justin Nace took his place behind the drum kit while Bassist Brian MacDonald and Guitarist Alex Babinski took theirs on the stage. Then, bringing the crowd noise to near deafening levels, the room erupted once Lynn Gunn arrived. Taking her place behind the keyboard, with her delicate voice, she began “Heaven,” fittingly the opening cut off the new album. At this point, there likely would be no protest if Pvris just played the new album start to finish, but there are curfews, and there was plenty of material to cover.  

Carefully selecting tunes to offer up, Pvris dished out White Noise’s “St. Patrick” and “Smoke,” having the crowd singing at the top of their lungs. Taking the time to indulge in the moment, Gunn thanked everyone before keeping the music coming with the haunting “Half,” as Gunn joined with her drummer briefly. Then there was the chant along “You and I,” and highly danceable “What’s Wrong.” Exactly what everyone had been waiting for, it was a first time experience for many hearing these songs in a live setting and their wild response showed it. 

Continuing along with All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell, “Winter,” “Separate,” and the ambient textures of “Anyone Else” filled Terminal 5 in an eerily beautiful fashion. Adding to the atmosphere, much of the crowd sang along in unison with many tracks. Enthusiastic for each and every song Pvris played, the evening would begin to come to a close with “My House” and “Fire” as Gunn continued to interact with the crowd, reaching towards the barricade any chance she had. So where would Pvris go from here after such a spare-no-energy performance? Simple, they would wrap it up with the loud, soaring, and bold “No Mercy.”

A show that seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye, Pvris could have easily played for another hour and no one would have complained. That in mind, this New York City crowd got their money’s worth. The lineup was diverse, unique, and showcased three stellar vocalists. An adrenaline rush all night long, it only proved there is plenty of good new music left to consume in this wild and crazy world.   

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