Red Hot Chili Peppers – Return of the Dream Canteen (Album Review)

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Return of the Dream Canteen (Album Review)

Red Hot Chili Peppers have a long history of being one of the more unique bands around. Winner of six Grammy Awards, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members since 2012, and now on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, you would think they have done it all, right? Well, they apparently are not resting on their laurels, because they are back with another new album in 2022.

A busy bunch, only a half year ago they released the album Unlimited Love, and in short, it was a strong balance of everything the band does well. Now on October 14th they release Return of the Dream Canteen through Warner Music Group. Their eighth album produced by the legendary Rick Rubin; it marks their thirteenth overall studio album to today. A quick turnaround for the band, to be fair, the songs of Return of the Dream Canteen were recorded in the same session as Unlimited Love. That in mind, does the album stand on its own, or is it more of a soft companion? Let us dive in and see…

Complete with an impressive list of seventeen songs that lasts for seventy-five minutes, “Tippa My Tongue” opens the album smoothly with a touch of Funk where catchy rhythms slowly put you under a spell. Keeping the mellow vibe, “Peace and Love” continues smooth and slow before the more thriving “Reach Out.” Then there is the soft, melodic “Eddie” which features a storyline that pulls you right in and keeps your attention until the very end.

Moving on, “Fake as [email protected]” tells a tale that draws you in with each passing word and “Bella” jumps in with another funked up arrangements to get you in a groove. This is before the passionate “Roulette,” playful “My Cigarette” and haunting “Afterlife” which picks up the pace with a slight hint of Halloween spirit There is also a brightly melodic “Shoot Me A Smile,” the perfect sway of “Handful” and outstanding drumming and fast rhythm of “The Drummer.”

With so much going on, other standout moments include the melancholy and heavy feelings on “Bag of Grins.” “La La La La La La La La,” on the other hand, is a sweet love song that digs deep underneath your skin. Rounding it out, there is the upbeat “Copperbelly” groovy “Carry Me Home” and the careful, shy soundingIn the Snow.”  

It is clearly obvious that these songs were recorded the same time as Unlimited Love just by the mood alone. However, Return of the Teen Canteen is a strong standalone album with a plethora of smooth and catchy songs. Spreading calmness, whether the lyrics are rapped or sung by Anthony Kiedis, each word is worth listening to closely. Additionally, the outstanding bass line of Flea, which carries a hint of Jazz, will guide you through each song. Return of the Dream Canteen carries so much more than you will be able to grasp on the first time listening… so take your time and enjoy this album. Worth slowing down for, like Unlimited Love, Cryptic Rock gives this album 5 out of 5 stars.

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