karen black tribute

Remembering Karen Black – An Actress Full of Beauty


Overall, Black starred in over thirty feature films, made numerous appearances on television, and diversified her resume along the way. Thankfully many were fortunate enough to meet Karen Black during her guest appearances at horror conventions in the years prior to becoming ill with cancer. Signing autographs and in good spirits, people would agree she was a very sweet, humble, and most of all a real human being. Coming from the heart, she held conversations with fans, and although many could say they never knew her personally, most would say that she came across as being just as beautiful a human as she was an actress. That is why many have a heavy heart as they express condolences to Black’s family and friends. Rest in peace Karen Black, may your films be watched until the end of times and your legacy live on forever.  


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  • The “Trilogy Of Terror” scared the bejeezus out of me when I was a younger person. I still get a chill when I think of that little doll and its teeth. Yikes. Rest in Peace Karen, you shall be missed.

    • I completly agree and still remember a scene when she was searching for that doll under some furniture.Oh l was terrified and only about 8 years old! Still remember.Rest in peace dear Karen Black.I am so sorry cancer got you.You will me so missed.

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