Ringo Starr – Change The World (EP Review)

This eighty-one year old gentleman has been making music since he was seventeen years old, his name is Sir Ringo Starr! Famously known as legendary drummer of the Beatles, let us not forget Ringo also countless solo releases under his belt. With more than sixty years of making music, he has played countless shows, led an all-star band, and made an impact on almost everyone who listens and makes music. Now Ringo is back with his second EP release of 2021, Change The World, out on Friday, September 24th through Universal Music.

Coming 6 months after the March EP Zoom In, Change The World features four songs that are filled with positive feelings, rather than focusing on negativity. Spreading harmony and peace, the theme is simple – peace, love, and finding away to getting along with one another. Refreshing in such a devisee time, the four songs might only be play for just under thirteen minutes, but they sure leaves you floating on a cloud for much longer. 

It all starts with “Let’s Change The World,” a happy and worry-free song that immediately puts you in a good mood. This is before the Reggae-styled “Just That Way” and “Coming Undone,” which comes at you with touch of Jazz. Then it all wraps up with an energized cover of the Bill Hayley & The Comets classic “Rock Around The Clock.”

Overall this EP is fun and shows that Ringo Starr can still harness his free loving spirit into anything he touches. Putting together a beautiful and timeless collection of songs that are bound to lift your spirits, Cryptic Rock gives Change The World 5 out of 5 stars.

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