Rock legends UFO live at Revolution in Amityville, NY 10-5-13 (Exclusive coverage)

Rock legends UFO live at Revolution in Amityville, NY 10-5-13 (Exclusive coverage)

UFO have sustained over 4 decades of rock n roll and metal.  Established in 1969 from London, England the band are one of the key contributors to the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal and VH1 ranked them 84th in the “100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock”. Since 1970, the band have released 21 studio albums and toured the world 100’s of 1,000’s of times.  With such an impressive introduction, the rock legends UFO graced the stage at Revolution in Amityville, NY Saturday October 5th.

Having played in NYC the night before, UFO drew a decent size crowd for Revolution.  As the band hit the stage, the killer riff from “Lights Out” filled the room. Fans cheered as axe man Vinnie Moore shred through each track to follow.  “Mother Mary” displayed the same energy and excitement as the band’s classic live album Strangers In The Night (1979).  The band then jumped into present day playing the solid newer track “Fight Night” and “Wonderland” off Seven Deadly (2012).  Each track has a hard driving hard rock sound, which translates well into a live setting.  UFO then broke out the 2004 track “Baby Blue”.  As the acoustic guitar arpeggios resonated through the PA you could not help but be taken away by this great track.

Giving the fans a good opening of new and old material excitement levels were elevated as they played “Let It Roll”.  A killer track indeed Phil Mogg put on a stellar vocal performance through this and all tracks in the set.  The track reminds you of how great rock n roll once was for quenching your thirst for melody, aggression, and passion.

UFO came to the balance in their set and energy levels elevated with tracks like “Only You Can Rock Me”, “Love to Love”, and “Too Hot to Handle”. It was impressive to see Mogg hit all the notes after all these years of performing. It was a treat to see original drummer Andy Parker behind the kit rocking along with long time member Paul Raymond on keyboards/guitars. Rob De Luca (Sebastian Bach) is a pro bass player and did a spectacular job of performing live with UFO as well.

As the energy packed 90 minute set came to a close UFO closed out with some of their best tunes in “Rock Bottom”, “Doctor Doctor” and “Shoot Shoot”.  “Rock Bottom” sounded amazing with his speedy guitar playing and raw sound.  Hearing a track like this live gives you a history lesson of where heavy metal riffing originated from and a great appreciation for it all.  “Doctor Doctor” is perhaps the bands most recognized track and they did not disappoint in their live performance of the track. If you are a younger metal fan and been to a handful of Iron Maiden shows you probably have heard the track just prior to when they hit the stage.  Exhilaration was at a peak when UFO blasted it out.

UFO has branded their place in rock n roll history and continues to perform at a high level.  Playing with the energy and excitement they do it does not look like Mogg and company are hanging it up anytime soon. Nothing is forever though and if you ever have the opportunity to see this band do so before it is too late!


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