Sam Smith – Love Goes (Album Review)

A multi-platinum success of the highest order, English Singer-Songwriter Sam Smith is back with the brand new album Love Goes. Highly anticipated, Smith was actually originally scheduled to release the album under the name To Die For back on June 5th. However, the singer decided that, in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, they would rename the album and push back the release date to Friday, October 30th on Capitol Records.

A follow up to the positively received 2017 effort, The Thrill of It All, Love Goes offers yet another lush mix of modern R&B music. A highly talented vocalist, Smith lets many years of experience shine through on the album; from a musical theater and a Jazz background, to the last decade growing as a solo artist. A lot of material to absorb, Loves Goes is complete with 11 new songs, plus 6 additional bonus tracks, that are full of heartache and sincere emotion that you are going to want to dig into.

Smith, a very sensitive soul, like many of us, has had a good share of heartbreak in life. From struggling with body image issues since a young age to experiences with relationships,  these are subjects everyone can relate to. Like previous works, Smith does a fantastic job of bringing these feelings to life in a sincere and real fashion. That said, each song on Love Goes is filled with beautiful sounds and vocals that have their own character as well as style. It all begins with the a cappella “Young,” which is an honest statement about wanting to live it up. Then the mood shifts up down and all around with the Electronic Pop jam “Diamonds,” danceable “Dance (‘Til You Love Someone Else),” heartbreaking “Another One” and mesmerizing “So Serious.”

This roller coaster of feelings in mind, there are some even more somber moments throughout the album, which include “For The Lover That I Lost” and the telling “Forgive Myself.” Songs that are meant to strike a chord in the heart of everyone, perhaps the most powerful message of all is felt on the tale of youth lost, “Kids Again.” And with so much in between it all, there is also more to behold in bonus pieces such as “How Do You Sleep?,” the very human “To Die For,” catchy “I’m Ready” featuring Demi Lovato, as well as “Fire On Fire.”  Beyond this, the title-track, featuring Labrinth, has a grand closing with brilliant, full sound, all while “My Oasis,” featuring Burna Boy, entices you in with a sweet, dreamy tone.

Overall, Love Goes is a true-to-life story about love and the pain of losing it. Each song is clearly very personal and real, but the true dagger in the heart comes with Smith’s amazing vocal inflections. Brought together with thoughtful compositions, Love Goes, bonus tracks and all, shows us what a brilliant mind Sam Smith really is. That is why Cryptic Rock gives this album 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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