Saving Abel light up Revolution Music Hall Amityville, NY 9-3-14

Saving Abel light up Revolution Music Hall Amityville, NY 9-3-14

Hard Rock band Saving Abel has been no stranger to the road in recent years.  Established nearly a decade ago, the band has seen their share of mainstream success following their major label self-titled debut in 2008.  While the road has been long and windy, including the departure of original vocalist Jarod Weeks in 2013, Saving Abel has stood fast and stared the Rock industry right in the face to say they are not backing down.  Led by guitarist Jason Null, the core of the band has kept together with fellow guitarist Scott Bartlett and bassist Eric Taylor while they welcome new vocalist Scott Austin and drummer Steven Pulley.  With their eyes on the future, the band is set to unleash their fourth studio album Blood Stained Revolution November 11th and tour around the USA spreading the word.  Returning to Long Island for the second time in less than a year, Saving Abel arrived at Revolution Bar & Music Hall in Amityville, NY on a sleepy Wednesday night to rock out.

Opening up the evening were local act J. Rad which has been making a name for themselves as an act worth checking out.  Directly following was NYC based band Vajra.  Possessing an Eastern Indian based theme, Vajra’s sound is heavy, dark, and entrancing.  Conjured by the multi-instrumental Annamaria Pinna, the band is rounded out by Kevin Jones (bass), James Rosenberg (guitar), and John Keener (drums).  Considered as a finalist to open the Revolver Hottest Chicks in Had Rock NYC show, Vajra is a band on the way up.  Playing through a set that was a passionate blend of enchanting Middle Eastern tones and European Power Metal, the band captured the imagination of all who came out.  Pinna, dressed in Indian garments, sang vibrantly and made the most of her time on stage.  Their debut album Pleroma is out now and worth giving a listen for those interested in escape from the ordinary.

Concluding the night, Saving Abel took the stage, opening with 2012 track “Bring Down the Giant,” followed by brand-spanking-new track “Love Like Suicide.”  With the complements of melodic guitar works of Null and Bartlett, Austin’s voice soared over the top.  Hearing the new song was exciting and makes the forthcoming release of Blood Stained Revolution that more curious to listeners.  Looking to rev up the audience, Austin exhausted every ounce of energy in his bones as they went through Saving Abel stand outs “New Tattoo,” ” Stupid Girl (Only in Hollywood),” and “Mystify.”  The band showed no signs of slowing down and rampaged through  a solid mix of their songs including “The Sex is Good,” “Hell of a Ride,” and “You Make Me Sick.”  Showing more of Null’s great finger-work on guitar, his solos lit up the stage with sheer passion.  As the set wore down, older favorites from their debut finished the night off with “Drowning (Face Down),” “18 Days,” and rock radio hit “Addicted.”

Adding spice into the midweek blues, Saving Abel put on an electrifying performance to all those lucky enough to be present.  Their dedication to providing an energetic live performance each time out is a reason to keep attending their performances when they come around.  Odds are they will be coming around to a local venue, so do not miss a chance for some feel good Rock-N-Roll as they begin a new chapter in their career with Blood Stained Revolution.

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