Scott Stapp -The Space Between the Shadows (Album Review)

Scott Stapp, the incomparable voice of Rock sensation Creed, dropped his long-awaited third solo album, entitled The Space Between the Shadows, on Friday, July 19th, 2019 via Napalm Records.

A Grammy Award winning Singer/Songwriter, Stapp is renowned for being the highly recognizable voice that fronted Creed on a journey through three straight multi-platinum selling albums between 1997 and 2001. Since then, Creed have sold over fifty million albums worldwide and Stapp’s evangelistic vocals can still be heard all over Rock radio on hits like “Higher,” “My Sacrifice,” and “My Own Prison.” Following the disbandment of Creed in 2004, which lasted all of five years, Stapp began a successful career as a solo artist beginning with the release of his first LP, The Great Divide, in 2005. Deservingly, The Great Divide went platinum due to the album’s chart topping namesake single, breathing new life into Stapp’s career.

After a hiatus as a solo artist due to reuniting Creed, Stapp would later release his second solo album in November of 2013, the acclaimed Proof of Life, which Stapp referred to as: The most honest record I have ever written.” Over the years, Stapp has dealt with his share of personal battles particularly with alcoholism, depression, and being diagnosed as bipolar. Not willing to let these obstacles control his life, Stapp made it his purpose to get sober and is thankful to be celebrating his fifth year of sobriety as of 2019.

Back on track, Stapp is excited for a new lease on life and credits his family for inspiring him to stay clean, including his son Anthony who was born in late 2017.  An honorable mention, we cannot forget that Stapp inspires others through his With Arms Wide Open Foundation supporting military veterans and their families with issues of drug addiction, PTSD, and suicide.

Reconnecting to his musical calling, Stapp’s personal growth and the tribulations of the world around us have reignited his spirit for making music, inspiring Stapp to once again be the voice for those who struggle every day. That being said, this leads us to follow Stapp and walk through The Space Between the Shadows. A fearless undertaking, The Space Between the Shadows opens via “World I Used To Know.” Like an old beat up transistor radio, the song opens with the airwaves broadcasting scrambled whispers of a world in distress leading to a dynamic display of heavy Rock music. A tell tale track, the ballad “Name” sees Stapp resonate his autobiographical story of a father who walked away from his son. Motivated to not make the same mistake, Stapp sings with conviction that he will not allow his own son to go through life without a father.

As the first radio single“Purpose For Pain” seeks answers as the darkening and slow acoustic melody of “Heaven In Me” introduces a song not so much about redeeming one’s self but taking advantage of something positive that was always there. As “Survivor” shows who Stapp is now, a powerful “Wake Up Call” is lead by tender piano somberly sending the message that it is never too late to change your life for the better amongst the backing vocals of young children. Picking things up, “Face Of The Sun” rocks before the dreary effects of “Red Clouds” highlight the opening guitar of possibly the strongest track on this album. Not just a tribute, “Gone Too Soon” inspirationally talks of loss and meeting again while the music video shows images of the late Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, and Prince. Concluding The Space Between the Shadows, “Ready To Love” offers the second chance many need.

Rising from the ashes, The Space Between the Shadows sees Scott Stapp heroically pen a five year mission for atonement and significance. More than a new album, inside The Space Between the Shadows, Stapp reveals himself personally and whether it be family issues, addiction, loss, or a social cause, Stapp’s new solo effort is nothing short of inspiring. With that, fans of Stapp’s solo work are encouraged to check out The Space Between the Shadows. Arguably Stapp’s best solo album, Cryptic Rock gives The Space Between the Shadows 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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