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The infamous megaphone has officially been laid to rest as many mourn the loss of Scott Weiland. On the evening of December 3, 2015, the legendary Weiland departed. His tormented, however, influential essence universally spread throughout the years, and his impact in Alternative Rock will remain eternal. His passion for expression and performing is what kept him moving, despite his personal demons. His impeccable vocals and being one of the most memorable performers in the history of Rock music will certainly prevail. Weiland once stated, “Sing the song, or keep it inside,” saying one can choose to shoot for their dreams or let it sit with regret, deep within. With that statement alone, Weiland has inspired many, not just musicians, but for anyone with personal aspirations, to let their demons go and fight for their goals. His legacy will remain timeless as he will be remembered as one of the greatest singers, performers, and a genuine fighter to try to give fans the music they loved.

In addition to being the well-known vocalist and frontman of one of the greatest Alternative Rock groups, Stone Temple Pilots, he shared his beloved vocals with supergroup Velvet Revolver, his solo career, and his latest Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts. Away from the microphone and spotlights is where he left his personal life as well, leaving his beloved wife, Jamie Wachtel, and his two children, Noah and Lucy, that he had with his second ex-wife, Model, Mary Fosberg.

Atlantic Records
Atlantic Records
Atlantic Records

Weiland was born under the name Scott Richard Kline on October 27th, 1967 in San Jose, California by his parents Sharon Williams and Kent Kline. At the age of two, his parents divorced and his mother remarried by the time he was five years old where his stepfather, Dave Weiland, adopted him, giving him the notorious name that many have grown to love, Scott Weiland. After spending over a decade living in two different states, between Ohio and California, by the age of sixteen Weiland formed a band, Mighty Joe Young, with Robert (bass) and Dean DeLeo (guitar), and friend Eric Kretz (drums). With music at his focal point, the high school band transpired and changed their name to Stone Temple Pilots, and by 1992, the acclaimed and influential debut album Core was released. The determined Weiland led the group to a Grammy win and nods, where his powering vocals have been placed on the best vocalists of the nineties shelves alongside frontman Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley.

Weiland said it best, “The thing is, unfortunately, I write the best songs when I’m miserable.” It is beneath the Rock -n- Roll lifestyle, Weiland experienced loss and pain since he was a young child. Ranging from coping with his parents divorce, sexual assault, the death of two of his brothers, and the recent loss of late guitarist Jeremy Brown. People tend to forget these tribulations he faced through his turbulent life; success was never easy. He numbed himself from these sorrows where he eventually overcame his addiction. Through these obstacles, Weiland focused on his craft and wrote musical masterpieces that  many fans have cherished.

Stone Temple Pilots press photo 1992
Stone Temple Pilots press photo 1992

Weiland is one who never gave up on his creative passions. He was one of the few honest musicians out there that was not afraid to document his every wound for all to see. These struggles were what made him a phenomenal artist, where he kindly shared these sad wounds for all to relate to in his music, memoir, and live performances. This connection helped many define their paths and guided them in knowing that they are not alone.

Weiland’s writing was more of a painting, a work of art as he once described the process as, “Writing the songs and producing the songs and arranging them and recording them is your canvas and your palette and your brush.” Back in the early nineties, music videos flourished and many rushed to watch them on MTV. It was Stone Temple Pilots videos such as “Plush,” “Creep,” and “Vasoline” that made any viewer want to watch more. The crippling “Creep,” where Weiland cried out lyrics that many will always connect with, “half the man I used to be,” haunted the viewer from the darkened lighting and simplistic styling. cinematically, the meaning behind these classic tracks will be remembered visually as well.

velvet revolver contraband
scott weiland 12 bar blues
Atlantic Records

The live performances, for those who were lucky enough to see first hand, always showcased his one-of-a-kind vocals along with his notorious singing through a megaphone act. Weiland felt the energy of his bandmates where he once advised, “To be a great band it’s like you have that telepathy. You know when the bass player’s in back of you without even looking. You know when your guitar player’s coming up to you to lean up to you and sing into your microphone. You just know these things. You feel it. You feel the energy of it.” His admirable stamina on the stage, where he was known to use every inch of the platform despite the band and size of the venue, he gave it his all. No matter which part of Weiland’s career, from Stone Temple Pilots’ “Sex Type Thing,” to Velvet Revolver’s “Slither,” his own “Blind Confusion,” and the latest “Modzilla,” quality remained pristine, which has made Weiland a creative genius.

Weiland also loved fashion and David Bowie. He made it clear that Rock -n- Roll also had to deal with wearing the right clothes, which included tight jeans, a buttoned up shirt, and a thin tie. His Bowie influence became less of a secret further into his career that was shown in 2011’s A Compilation of Scott Weiland Cover Songs, which included two David Bowie cover tracks of “Fame” and “The Jean Genie.”

Scott Weiland’s Christmas Show The Paramount Huntington, NY 12-16-11

Having released over ten albums throughout his entire career, including the latest Blaster that came out in March 2015 with his band Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts, his known gritty vocals consistently carry on. Many will remember Weiland as one of the most innovative and ambitious performers that came out from the nineties. He did not care about number one hits, platinum sales, or even holding high expectations from an album. Writing good music is what he wanted to do, and many are honored that he shared his wounds as he is remembered as a musical inspiration.

Sadly, no one will ever see the rumored Stone Temple Pilots reunion with Weiland, nor the hearsay of a Velvet Revolver comeback. Weiland was only forty-eight years old, and through those short years, he has encouraged many artists and soothed several souls through his writing and unforgettable vocals. Weiland will be missed, but his music will remain timeless.

Scott Weiland live at Carolina Rebellion 5-2-15
There is no question Scott Weiland’s impact on the music world will last for an eternity. Above all, he impacted and inspired many listeners. Read the thoughts from other creators he inspired:

No one can deny the talent and frontman Scott Weiland was. Truly a tragic loss of one of the greatest Rock stars of all timeLight The Fire

It was a beautiful July day in Lansing, Michigan. I was excited to go on stage before Stone Temple Pilots. I had listened to them growing up and had an enormous respect for Scott in the front man position. We played our set and it went great. We hung out after and watched STP’s blistering set and loved every minute of it. After the show, the promoter asked me if I’d like to meet the guys. I said yes and was ushered between their buses down to the river. STP and some of their crew were relaxing and doing some fishing. I thanked Scott and the band for letting us jump on before them. Scott stood there and reeled in a nice sized catfish. He turned to me with an energetic fish on the hook flopping around and said, ‘Do you think the fish is alive?‘ He started laughing and said, ‘No problem. Glad to have you on.’ I remember that moment anytime I hear Scott’s incredible voice. Him, standing next to the river with a fishing rod in his hand and one of the coolest leather jackets I’ve ever seen. A true original frontman. May he rest in peace.” – Brent James, Brent James & the Vintage Youth

I remember being a kid and watching Scott perform and listening to STP in my room while playing video games. I knew I was watching someone special. I knew I was looking at one of the biggest Rock stars ever to do it. Scott is a Rock -n- Roll Legend.” – Rick DeJesus, Adelitas Way vocalist

Today we remember Scott Weiland, former singer of Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver, and many other groups. As one of the greatest voices in Rock music, he has been an inspiration to countless souls with his words and songs. Unfortunately, death’s embrace came to Scott earlier than any could have hoped or anticipated. There are many things in this world that torture our souls…. addiction is one of them. The constant abuse one does to one’s body is unforgiving. The human body can only put up with so much punishment before it gives its last breath. Some souls have personalities that are drawn to addiction… drawn to doing harm against themselves….. and that in turn slowly isolates them from everyone they love. The struggle of each day of their lives becomes easier when they are numb. It takes courage to feel deeply. It takes courage to live. If you or anyone you love is having problems finding that strength within themselves, we encourage you to help them or find someone professionally who can. We will remember you Scott. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us.” – September, September Mourning vocalist

Scott Weiland and Stone Temple Pilots’ influence on us is immeasurable. Scott was equal parts Bowie, Iggy Pop, and Jim Morrison. Able to change gears between dark and brooding, sexual and potent, and smirking excess. Scott was the Rockstar id of the 90’s Alternative Rock movement. His charisma was palpable. His style impeccable. He was alien. He was never ours. We are fortunate to have been able to perform with him before he was called back to wherever it is that the great ones come from. Thankfully, he left a lot of great music in his wake. R.I.P Scott.” – Adam Staszewski, KISKA vocalist 

There’s been a lot of things that I’ve reflected on in the past month or so, and one of them ironically, was Scott Weiland. His transformation from STP to Velvet Revolver, how he embodied Roll -n- Roll, and the way he lived (and died) by it. My wife just told me the news that Scott Weiland passed away today at the age of 48. I’m bummed. I’ve always known about his struggles with addiction and always prayed he’d find his way out. My heart really goes out to his wife and kids. It hurts knowing that two more kids lost their dad to drugs like my sisters and I did. To his friends and band members, past and present, and everyone that he ever affected with his music, I hope we can all remember the first times we heard him or the first times we saw him and how it affected us all. Through lyrics, melodies, harmonies, performance, stage presence, and style, Scott Weiland set the bar higher. I’ll never forget what I learned from him. Rest In Glory Scott Weiland.” – James Durbin

Scott Weiland made a huge imprint on who I am as a performer. Any time I’ve walked on stage with a megaphone, it’s always been because of him.” – Anna Rose, singer/songwriter 

We had the privilege of sharing the stage with STP a few times. No one can move like Scott on stage. The way he commanded the crowd left me in awe. We have truly lost one of the greatest frontmen. R.I.P” – Keith Foster, Full Devil Jacket drummer

Scott was one the great frontmen of our time. His music has touched the hearts of many. He will be sadly missed.” – Nick Coyle, Death Valley Dreams vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist

I did a Camp Freddy that Scott performed on, everyone there said this dude is amazing. When I saw and heard him, it was amazing! He is one of the best voices ever!– Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, Run-D.M.C lyricist

Having shared the stage with STP in the 2000s, as well as being a big fan of the group, it’s a big loss personally and for the Music community. Scott was definitely a favorite of mine to watch live in the early years as well as the last STP ‘comeback’ tour. A great frontman and lyricist. No secret he had some issues. Case in point, when I received a call from Slash some years ago to possibly replace Scott in Velvet Revolver while he was in Rehab, after jamming with the guys and writing few songs, which Kick ASS BTW, Scott had been released, or left etc., but wanted back in. I had word that Epic/Sony was going to let us, U.P.O., have the yet unreleased 2nd U.P.O. record back. I just kind of said, ‘Well that was fun,’ and went separate ways. I feel for his loved ones and am thankful to have had many opportunities to watch, hang  out with, or just listen to the great  songs and footage that are left behind. R.I.P Scott Weiland.– Shawn Albro, U.P.O./ Hopes Funeral vocalist

I always thought it was unfair that they said that STP was a Pearl Jam knock-off. By the time the dust settled, I preferred Stone Temple Pilots to Pearl Jam’s music. I thought Weiland was a really outstanding frontman in his own right. I thought it was an unfair shadow he had to live under for a long time. I did not think the comparison was very valid. It is really sad that Scott is gone. Hopefully he is more at peace now than he was in his somewhat troubled life.– Zach Galligan, actor (Gremlins 1984, Waxwork 1988)

I had the privilege of meeting Scott several times. My band used to play a club called Snitch. Velvet Revolver opened the club, they were co-owners. Opening night, they did an acoustic set. Scott and Slash were always there hanging out. My band played there all the time. He was always an amazing guy and super inspirational to me. I am a ’90s kid, I grew up on Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, and Faith No More. He is going to be sorely missed. He was an inspirational dude. I am sad to hear he did not make it.” – Tate Steinsiek, American SFX artist 

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  • Nice to see a decent article written about Scott. He was a very talented man who left us way too soon. And I also love Stone Temple Pilots music and they should never compare them to Pearl Jam. STP was in a class of their own. R.I.P. Scott.

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