Screaming For Silence – Screaming For Silence (Album Review)

screaming edited 1 - Screaming For Silence - Screaming For Silence (Album Review)

Screaming For Silence – Screaming For Silence (Album Review)

Screaming for Silence 630x420 - Screaming For Silence - Screaming For Silence (Album Review)

Sometimes it is astonishing, as well as unintelligible, which bands scrimmage in the music world unsigned. One of these not rarely showed species is the talented 5-piece modern Metal act known as Screaming For Silence from Omaha, Nebraska. Working hard, the band has already released a 4-track EP, entitled Relentless, back in 2012, toured the United States constantly until 2013, and as a result, the gang was asked to promote a new model of PRS guitars. Now, after three years and more than four hundred shows from coast to coast, Screaming For Silence can look back on a considerable following on their social-media sites, built all on their own. The more surprising aspect is that no big company has been hooked up to sign the band, and in 2015 they release their first full-length album, Screaming For Silence, independently. The contemporary sounding album was recorded in North Hollywood’s Grey Area Studios with the prominent help of producer Erik Ron, who also had already worked with acts such as Motionless in White, We Came As Romans, and Issues, among others.

Upon listening to their debut full-length, it is clear what kind of sound Screaming For Silence offer. Not far from the above mentioned acts, Screaming For Silence offer Metal with a modern, melodic and light Core-touch. The screamed and clean vocals of Singer Zeb Christensen takes it in turns with pumping, crunchy, low-tuned guitars and memorable hook-lines of the six-string duo Casey Newsom and Danny Irwin. Completing the formula with heavy breakdowns of the tight rhythm section, consisting of Mike Friese on bass and Matt Tatroe on drums, complete the overall picture of Screaming For Silence.

Certainly nowadays, it is very hard for a new band to find their place and own sound in the crowded scene, but the fellows succeed with this enterprise by good and entertaining songs, whose face one has seen before in silhouettes somewhere between Papa Roach and the melodic Motionless in White. With that said, the ten tracks of Screaming For Silence can be separated in two camps; a harder as well as a more melodic one. The album opening “Disgrace” starts with light electronics before a staccato mace hits the listener in the face. Alternating screamed verses and a clear earworm chorus are carried by In Flames alike guitar hook-lines which all together define the album’s route of march. The first single, “The King Is Crowned,” follows and comes with a killer-riff before Christensen is lashing the song from the verse to a great chorus with a brilliant vocal performance in Papa Roach’s Coby Dick tradition.

The more calm track “Cutting Ties” shows the other face of Screaming For Silence with a safe flair for great chorus hook-lines, which are carried by the restrained, but effective lead guitars; the song would be a cocksure single-hit. Overall, the here and there striking growls tease out everything to make this track really intense. On the other hand, “No Way Out” sounds like a College Punk Rock song with screamed, Core alike vocal parts. Indeed a strange combination, it works surprisingly well for the band. Then there is “Calling The Bluff,” which presses the throttle again while the band thread their own pass without creating a copy. So one can attest, that Screaming For Silence manage the balancing act between the mentioned Californians Papa Roach and newer, melodic Core acts in a rarely heard way, again and again, from song to song. Finally, with the track “Infested” and album closing melodic mega-track “Fly Away,“ A&R managers of record companies should finally open their ears and sign this promising act.

Screaming For Silence prove with their self-titled debut album that their musical talent is strong and they write simply great, modern Rock songs without a mega-budget. If there is a Rock -n- Roll god, Screaming For Silence will make it very soon. One may ask if the scene needs another band of this shade. The answer is very simple, Screaming For Silence rifle with a refreshing mixture of all genre-stylistic devices and deal out new cards. Therefore, the answer is yes, and record companies should bet on the horse called Screaming For Silence. CrypticRock gives this album 4.5 out of 5 stars.

screaming - Screaming For Silence - Screaming For Silence (Album Review)

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Sascha Becker
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