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Sebastian Bach – Child Within The Man (Album Review)

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Sebastian Bach is often considered one of the signature voices of late ‘80s into the early ‘90s of Rock music. In fact, his time spent as the frontman for the band Skid Row has held up as some of the best music to come out of that era. Which leads to the still discussed rumors as what caused him to leave the band in the first place. Something that grows old, it is all really history at this point, and discussion for another time, because what we have in 2024 is an amazing new solo album from the passionate vocalist.

A collection of songs Bach has worked long and hard on, his first studio album in over a decade entitled Child Within The Man, arrived on May 10th through Reigning Phoenix Music, and rocks from the opening note. A total of 11 tracks, to start with, “Everybody Bleeds” kicks you in the face immediately. Really eye-opening, the way Bach’s voice sounds on this tune is the closest he has been to the Slave To The Grind days in a long time. Moreover, you also have to be totally blown away with the songwriting, the in-studio performances and overall production on this album too.

Moving on, there is also “Freedom” (including Guitar hero John 5) with its aggressive and signature Sebastian Bach sound, before “(Hold On) To The Dream” which has an “In A Darkened Room” feel to it. Discussing the latter further, the vocals are silky smooth until the song kicks in showing that Bach still has his incredible range.

Other standouts on Child Within the Man include the anthemic “What Do I Got to Lose?,” “Hard Darkness,” “Future of Youth” (featuring Australian Guitarist Orianthi), plus “Crucify Me.” Moving forward it should be noted that Bach has never been one to shy away from expressing his true feelings. Tried and true, this is backed up when he teams up with yet another Guitar legend in Steve Stevens for the song simply entitled “F.U.”

Overall, the melodies on Child Within The Man are excellent, and they beg you to sing along with each track at maximum volume. The album will also make many recall the good times of growing up in the ‘80s and ‘90s where the music was as much a part of your life as breathing. Inspirational, it all closes out strongly with a few more roundhouses to the face such as “About To Break” and “To Live Again.”

When it is all said and done Child Within The Man is one of the best efforts of Sebastian Bach’s career. Leaving us with the obvious thought dancing through fan’s heads… what about a Skid Row reunion? Well, no one truly knows what the future holds as far as that ever happening, but for the sake of the fans, let us hope something can be worked out. Either way, with albums like Child Within The Man, Sebastian Bach will be fine either way.

Those who are fans of Sebastian Bach will not be disappointed with this album. Although, for as good as Child Within The Man sounds, it is true that he is known for his live shows as well. So, if you have never seen him in concert, it must be on your bucket list. Until then, do not miss Child Within The Man, because Cryptic Rock gives it 5 out of 5 stars.

Sebastian Bach - Child Within The Man album
Sebastian Bach – Child Within The Man / Reigning Phoenix Music (2024)

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