Secrets – Fragile Figures (Album Review)

secrects cover edited 1 - Secrets - Fragile Figures (Album Review)

Secrets – Fragile Figures (Album Review)

Secrets - Secrets - Fragile Figures (Album Review)Secrets is an American post-hardcore band from San Diego, California. After being signed to Rise Records in 2011, the band released a successful album called The Ascent. This triggered their breakthrough as artists in the music scene. Secrets consists of Aaron Melzer (lead vocals/unclean vocals), Richard Rogers (rhythm guitar/clean vocals), Michael Sherman (lead guitar), Michael Owens (bass guitar), and Joe English (drums). Their new album Fragile Figures; released on July 23rd, 2013, focuses on the band’s development and message for their fans.

A major theme of Fragile Figures is the struggles and challenges of life, which many listeners can relate to. The opening track, “How We Survived”, proves this point with hopeful lyrics like “This world is dark but you are not alone / It’s never too late for a fresh start, a new home / Nothing is set in stone”. The words are simple, but can easily reach out to anyone who is feeling down. “Forever and Never” is the next track that stands out with a catchy refrain that projects the solid vocals. A similar sound continues into the next track, “Artist vs. Who?”. This song is given an eerie ambiance and contains heavy sections that make this song memorable. Starting off as a common post-hardcore track, “Wasted Youth” surprises listeners with a captivating chorus and the meaningful words (“Hold out your hands, take it all in / This is now your mistake, so carry the burden”). These important aspects turn “Wasted Youth” into a highlight off of Fragile Figures.

“Maybe Next May” differs from Fragile Figures due to its heartfelt matter and upbeat rhythm. This tender song about devotion to his/her lover makes this track a staple on the album. Going through the next two tracks, “Fragile Figures” and “Live Together, Die Alone”, the album pace picks up. Instruments and vocals are heavier, including the lyrics (“I’ll use your hate to fuel my rage”). “Live Together, Die Alone” is especially an angry song, showing diversity in Fragile Figures as well as intensity. The next song, “Infinite Escape”, reminds listeners of the true meaning behind music. The lyrics “You’re not as hopeless as you think / You mean everything / Let music take away the pain / to be your infinite escape” sums up the entirety of Fragile Figures. These meek words speak to their fans honestly and clearly. To end Secrets’ album, they include “Sleep Well, Darling”, an acoustic melody that leaves listeners with smiles on their faces. This humble and sweet song finalizes Fragile Figures.

This album has highs and lows, but gratefully, more highs. The lyrics lack in depth but are made up for with their relevance and inspiration to listeners. In some aspects, a few tracks seemed generic, but were given fantastic hooks to reel fans in. The clean vocals off of this album were wonderful, especially in slower paced songs like “Sleep Well, Darling” to charm listeners. It is easy to conclude that people will be excited to hear what’s next from Secrets. Cryptic Rock gives Fragile Figures 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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