Senses Fail celebrate with sold out crowd at Starland Ballroom Sayreville, NJ 9-20-14

Senses Fail celebrate with sold out crowd at Starland Ballroom Sayreville, NJ 9-20-14

It seems like just yesterday fans were going out to our local CD shops to pick up a copy of Senses Fail’s debut album Let It Enfold You. Ten years later, they band has orchestrated a tour to showcase the album and its lasting success.  With humble beginnings in 2002 in Ridgewood, NJ, Let It Enfold You helped skyrocket Senses Fail in the music charts and bring them international recognition that has flourished with each release to follow. Recollecting the impact of the record on their career more in-depth, it has sold over 300,000 copies and also saw multiple music videos with airplay on MTV.  Beginning the month long trek on the West Coast on September 3rd, the tour arrived in Senses Fail home state of New Jersey on Saturday September 20th to a sold out Starland Ballroom in Sayreville with exciting supporting acts of Suburban Scum, To The Wind, Knuckle Puck, and No Bragging Rights.

First out on stage, New Jersey natives Suburban Scum.  It is of no surprise they were picked to go out on tour with the history of Suburban Scum drummer Paul Klien also being involved in the short-lived side project known as Bayonet featuring Senses Fail’s Nielsen.  Playing a short but very aggressive and dark set, the band moved back and forth with built-up anger mimicking the songs that screeched out. They were the right choice to kick things off and the sold out crowd in Sayreville welcomed them with open arms.  Be sure to check out more from this raw hardcore band.

All the way from Seattle, WA, To The Wind brought their melodic hardcore style to keep the celebration going.  Featured on select dates of Vans Warped Tour 2014, the band is supporting their latest record Block Out The Sun & Sleep as they win over crowds. Wasting no time in gaining momentum and entrancing the Starland Ballroom audience, lead vocalist Tanner Murphy was front and center the whole set singing right to the crowd while members flailed behind him.  Tracks like “Hollow,” “Half-hearted,” and “Trapped” rattled the crowd with intense grooves and throat rupturing screams.  To The Wind claimed every second on that stage and are well worth seeing live.

Following was Chicago, IL based band Knuckle Puck.  Having garnered some serious recognition over this past year, touring the country with huge bands and playing at Skate and Surf Festival this past summer, the band was ready for their return to New Jersey. Bellowing meaningful lyrics from the depths of his stomach, front man Joe Taylor went through such songs as “Everything Must Go,” “Stuck,” and “Woodwork.”  The band kept the energetic stage presence of the previous bands flowing and incorporated some generous crowd interaction as well.  Every crowd surfer that entered the pit was welcomed with the mic to scream with lyrics they knew and loved.  Their latest release Oak Street is out now.

Refusing to wear down, the crowd stood fast as California veterans No Bragging Rights were ready to take the stage.  With a melodic hardcore sound the band has built a strong name for themselves as one of the scenes elite.  Releasing a total of five studio albums including their newest The Concrete Flower No Bragging Rights came out pumped up, playing to their generous size fan base spread about Starland Ballroom.  Displaying a tight fast-paced delivery the band went through their set playing new tracks like “Fallen Masters.”  Lead vocalist Mike Perez spoke candidly about unifying and the type of feeling that inspired which made No Bragging Rights that much more endearing to the audience.  Also conveying this was the latest they had ever played and that the direct supporting slot for Senses Fail was a landmark for the band.

The time everyone had been waiting for all night was mere moments away, the lights were cut, as on stage Senses Fail arrived.  Kicking things off was “Tie Her Down” quickly followed by the very popular “ Lady in a Blue Dress” in which vocalist Neilson’s sound was briefly overshadowed by the sheer extensive volume of fans screaming along.  Playing through the entire album in chronological order Senses Fail made everyone feel like it was a decade early as they dusted off some older songs not heard live in a while, if ever.  Completely enthralled in the moment, the audience absorbed it all and graciously kept the mood raucous and saturated with emotion.

As Let It Enfold You came to end with “Martini Kiss,” the band left the stage only to bring out an eight song encore with an equally adrenaline-filled delivery.  Playing some new tracks such as “Renancer” and “Path” mixed in with other favorites “Calling All Cars” and “Can’t Be Saved” it was like being treated to two shows for the price of one.  First came the history, then came the balance of all their material which no one was left complaining about.  Ending the second set with “The Priest and The Matador,” as the final chord rang out the room began to chant for more.  Walking out to rev up the room even more, former The Mogoloids vocalist Greg Falchetto.  Keeping the hometown crowd on their toes seconds later they rushed out for an amazing finale of  “One Eight Seven” with everyone singing along and Nielson bouncing about the stage singing.  The amount of energy felt from Starland Ballroom was immense and the kind any band could ever dream of.  Senses Fail showcased how truly special Let It Enfold You is and how The Garden State adores them.

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