September Mourning – Volume II (Album Review)

september slide - September Mourning - Volume II (Album Review)

September Mourning – Volume II (Album Review)

September Mourning 2016 promo 1a - September Mourning - Volume II (Album Review)

The story of the Los Angeles, CA based September Mourning began back in 2010 as a conceptional total work of art off a musically Metal backbone with an visually illustrated Comic implementation and energetic, artful, live performances. The creation of Singer and Artist Emily Lazar, alias September, she began the project with several and changing background musicians, as she revived the concept of rockstar meets superhero in the collaboration with Comic Book artist Marc Silvestri, who got well-known by the original X-Men Comics and forming Top Cow-Productions (Witchblade, The Darkness).

With the self-released EP Volume I in 2015 and the attendant Comic A Murder Of Reapers, September Mourning started to cluster an impressive following around the project, meanwhile having grown to a band consisting of the members September herself on vocals, Rich Juzwick and Kyle Ort on guitars, along with a rhythm section of Josh Fresia on drums and Andy DeCicco on bass. Sharing stages with acts such as Marilyn Manson, Otep, and Mushroomhead, September Mourning rightfully began to attract more attention with their unique story of the human-reaper-hybrid, who feels the need to give human souls a second chance.

Now signed on with Sumerian Records, their first full-length album, simply entitled Volume II, was released on July 29th. This time, the transmedia dark culture project is rounded up by the second issue of the Comic, entitled The Hand Of Fate. Continuing the theme seamlessly, musically, Volume II offers a high-gloss polished modern Metal/Rock production, influenced by acts such as In This Moment, Disturbed, Korn, and other members of the Nu-Metal syndicate.

In the overall view, September Mourning score with a high-quality piece of dark, whitewashed art, starting Volume II with the atmospheric intro track “The Collection,” followed by the the trudging “Angels To Dust,” where September sounds like a hybrid of Maria Brink and Tapping The Vein’s Heather Thompson-Mackintosh. That being said, her style is elate with an awesome range between clear vocal hook lines to distorted shouting. Taking the same line with the cumbersome “Eye Of The Storm,” the track “Before The Fall” advances like a hit single with its crisp song-structures, impulsive low guitars, and great chorus.

Thereafter comes the song “Children Of Fate,“ a title September also calls their following. Sticking out with its oriental appearing melody line, it is another dark exploration into this compelling story. Directly following, the single, and having a Comic animated lyric-video, “Skin And Bone”“ combines a whiff of Pop with orchestral elements of Peter Tägtgren’s Pain and the idea of “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” The hook lines of September makes sure the track will stick in listeners’ ears for hours on end.

Continuing on, tracks such as “20 Below,” with its singalong chorus, and “Live Like You’re Alive” carry the pleasant as well as entertaining feeling. At the latest, September Mourning should persuade the last doubter with the interpretation of Ben E. King’s immortal song “Stand By Me.” A very unique take on the classic track, September Mourning offer an eerily beautiful rendition all their own, while staying true to the original arrangement. A pleasant shivering, as well as goosebumps, give way before the melancholic ballad “‘Till You See Heaven” completes the journey and the second chapter of September Mourning.

With Volume II, September Mourning created a felicitous piece of art which help the Children of Fate grow by leaps and bounds. Impressive songs dressed in a melancholic atmosphere along with clear and powerful production are the best representation that spread September Mourning’s story across the scene. Thumbs up for this innovating piece of musical and visual art, it certainly deserves rightful attention. CrypticRock gives Volume II 4 out of 5 stars.

September Mourning album - September Mourning - Volume II (Album Review)

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