Set It Off – Upside Down (Album Review)

set it off slide - Set It Off - Upside Down (Album Review)

Set It Off – Upside Down (Album Review)

set it off 2016 - Set It Off - Upside Down (Album Review)

For a group of unique guys like Set It Off, it seems as though one day, not a soul knew who they were, and then the next, the whole world was aware of their name; not to mention the great music that followed. Starting out just like any other, the band climbed their way to the top, playing local shows with small handfuls of people, and working with the utmost dedication in hopes of the scene knowing their music; and it was not long until they did. Through a lineup change that trickled down to four, Set It Off have endured enough stress to know a thing or two about the music business; ultimately ending with extremely catchy songs that will be, and are already, sung by thousands.

Playing an absolute plethora of shows in just about every corner of the globe, and gaining a following that can withstand anything, this Floridian band has proven that hard work truly does pay off. With the help of All Time Low, Cody Carson (vocals) was able to get his foot in the door when he performed on stage with the well-known and beloved band, changing his life forever; 2008 was the start of something special and the last couple of years can speak for themselves. Playing some of the biggest festivals the scene has to offer and touring with incredible talents such as Yellowcard, Tonight Alive, Falling In Reverse, State Champs, and Black Veil Brides, there truly is no stopping Set It Off; and that is still plain to see to this day.

Upside Down, their third full-length studio album, released to the public October 7th via Equal Vision Records, is a complete game-changer. With fear never being an attribute, there is no telling what Set It Off will surprise us with next. Combining together a plethora of genres in each track, it is clear to see the outpouring talent from each member of the band. Carson, Maxx Danziger (drums), Dan Clermont (guitar), and Zach DeWall (guitar) pour pure skill and passion into each and every track, and have a special knack for picking up any boring Friday night.

Featuring production from Brandon Paddock (Panic! At The Disco, Pentatonix), Erik Ron (Saosin, Panic! At The Disco), and Mike Green (5 Seconds of Summer, All Time Low), songs such as opener “Something New” as well as “Life Afraid” can add all of the pep to any listener’s step and will put anyone in a better mood. Completely different from anything they have done before, Set It Off clearly surpassed all expectations of Upside Down. Throwing a little bit of Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, of course the beloved Punk, and just about everything else, the band surely knows what they are doing and have no boundaries when it comes to taking risks; doing more than most artists dare.

Taking a huge shift from the first couple of tracks off of Upside Down, Set It Off later on explode with “Want” and “Diamond Girl,” surely shocking their audience, as both tracks are unlike anything before. Adding that shock factor within their music was a genius but imperil decision as it could have cost them a fanbase; good thing it did not. Coming to a close of a masterpiece, “Hypnotized” and “Me w/o Us” test the limits once more. Being the antithesis of one another – one Hip Hop and the other Pop – Set It Off do not hold back. As each track warrants its place on the album, listeners are sure to be completely hooked, never knowing what is right around the corner.

More than anyone can hope for, Upside Down is the perfect record for fans of all types of music. Twelve tracks in total, it is completely versatile proving these guys sure know how to draw in a crowd and keep them there. Defying their own past, CrypticRock gives Set It Off’s Upside Down 4 out of 5 stars.

set it off - Set It Off - Upside Down (Album Review)

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