The Shadow People (Movie Review)

Getting married and moving into a new home is meant to be the most important and exciting time of their lives. Sometimes things do not go to plan and what starts as a dream life soon ends in a nightmare. Released on VOD/DVD back on February 28, 2017 via Vision Films, The Shadow People, written by David Wilson (Spirit Riders 2015, Dark Whispers 2007) and directed/produced by Brian T. Jaynes (Dead 2014, Spirit Riders 2015), focuses on newlyweds who have moved into the country in their dream home. Interesting enough, it is not all a romance, but a story seriously focusing on the hereafter. 

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One rainy night after a local carnival, Megan (Kat Steffens: Rehash 2015, Under Nitrous 2015) and Andrew (Bug Hall: Harley and the Davidsons 2016) are on the way to their new house. Both are excited to begin their new lives with the house having plenty of room for Megan’s painting artwork, an office for Writer Andrew, and a nursery. The torrential weather makes the trip nerve-wracking, and when they finally arrive safely, it is a huge relief. Megan and Andrew settle in quickly and set up their respective offices.

Only days after moving in, Megan experiences strange visions and terrifying dreams. These increase in intensity each day they are in their home. Megan begins seeing creepy people in her home: an elderly man (Grant James: The Haunting in Connecticut 2 2013, Dumb and Dumber To 2014), an elderly woman (Juli Erickson: Bernie 2011, Upstream Color 2013), a Sheriff (Randy Lindsey: Ellie 2016, A Time to Stand 2017), EMT (Frederic Doss: Transformers 2007, G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra 2009), and Priest Kaine (C. Thomas Howell: E.T. the Extra Terrestrial 1982, The Outsiders 1983). While Megan unravels initially, Andrew is able to calm Megan and remain in control himself. However, the eeriness and unnatural presence seeps into Andrew.

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Megan’s visions reach a point Andrew and Megan are forced to take action. Andrew tries to remove Megan from their new, yet deadly home. The house refuses to allow them to leave, and it drives the supernatural force to reveal itself to Andrew, and Megan. Andrew has no choice but to accept the truth. When the events reach their climax, Andrew and Megan are unprepared for what comes next.

The Shadow People is the third film C. Thomas Howell has collaborated with Executive Producer Nicholle Walton-Durban and Brian T. Jaynes. The house used for the set is known locally as the haunted Cain House, Winnsboro, Texas. During filming, the crew experienced strange events, lights turning on and off, shadowy figures, and much more. In addition, the cinematography by Michael John Marcinik (Hostage 2013, The Age Reason 2014) is seamless and likewise the acting by Hall and Steffens is outstanding, particularly given they carry the majority of the film. The surprise ending ties everything up in a neat but deep bow.

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The overall plot of The Shadow People explores different aspects and ideals of life after death, leaving the viewer questioning what they believe. That is why it is a must watch while Howell, Durban and Jaynes is definitely a teaming to keep an eye on. For these reasons, CrypticRock gives The Shadow People 5 out of 5 stars. 

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  • Seeing this for the first time–I am Extremely surprised and amazed at how Much I truly enjoyed and liked this little gem!; of course I must own up to the admission that it’s primarily the fact that I’m a Huge fan and admirer of C. Thomas Howell which brought me to the attention of ” The Shadow People “. However, even though that’s the only reason, I was happily introduced to a sweet little thriller of a movie!
    Plus, the totally unexpected twist at the denouement came as a real bonus, tying up All of the loose ends. I have to say this film is probably one of the few and best that featured a torrential rain the entire movie. . .the only other one I can recall is the John Cusack flick called
    ” Identity ” { if I’m not mistaken }! So nice to be pleasantly surprised and Very entertained by this Gem, as I’ve said, I just may purchase this on DVD so as to watch whenever I choose. If you’ve not seen ” The Shadow People “, do give it a look–you won’t be disappointed for sure! ! !

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