SHED (Movie Review)

shed slide - SHED (Movie Review)

SHED (Movie Review)

First screening at Motor City Nightmares in Detroit on April 26-28, 2019, and set to start a run on the festival circuit, SHED is a new, independent, Horror film from David Axe about skin-stealing monsters. Wait, what? Have your attention yet? Read on to learn more. 

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SHED still.

In truth, the plot of SHED is not a totally unique idea. Although, it is not to be taken too seriously, and it does offer a copious amount of gore as well as nudity. It begins with a woman walking through the woods carrying a sack of bloody skin. Complemented by a soundtrack by Matthew Akers, that provides a nice, eerie, ambiance to the instant gore, thereafter, we are shown a man named Brad standing in a cemetery, mourning his father. This is while at the same time we hear quite a sexual narration between two women.

This odd picture painted, the story of SHED officially begins while an old man named Mike dressed as Santa Claus prepares for a Halloween party. He puts some drinks on ice, sings a little Halloween song, takes a picture of himself, puts a ‘Keep Out’ sign on his shed, and loads a shotgun. Soon, guests begin arriving and the scene is pretty low-key; there is some music, dancing, drinking, and a threesome.

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SHED still.

Then a twist comes when the plot turns to a parasitic monster that needs human skin to survive. Brad goes out onto the roof, with Caley following, listening to him talk about being unsure of everything now that his dad is dead. Soon Brad is drawn to Mike’s shed and Caley tries, in vain, to talk him out of opening the door. Entering the shed, Brad screams, Caley rushes over to help him and is greeted with a blast of blood through the door. Thus, the bloodshed really begins.

Written, directed, produced, and edited by David Axe, known for 2017’s The Theta Girl, even for an indie film project, SHED had a lot to overcome. For starts, it was filmed during a hurricane down in South Carolina last year; a factor which resulted in much of the cast and crew bowing out. With so few left, the production could have really taken a turn for the worst, but somehow, Axe and company kept it afloat. Featuring a main cast including Mike Amason, Morgan Jones, and Sanethia Dresch, while the acting is not all that good, they did a decent job with what they had. Furthermore, all odds stacked against them, the entire amateur cast and crew somehow came out with this gory, horror feast of a film. 

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SHED still.

All this said, even with a very low budget, SHED pulls off a decent amount of creep factor. The angles, as well as the video quality, make it feel like a forgotten ’80s Horror flick, but in a good way! Between the gore, the music, and nudity, SHED could entertain a variety of Horror fans for hours. In fact, it has a lot of aspects many B-movie enthusiasts would enjoy quite thoroughly. One of those movies that is mindless, but entertaining to watch, Cryptic Rock gives SHED 3 out of 5 stars.

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