ShipRocked winds down with a bang w/ Buckcherry, Andrew W.K., Lacuna Coil, & Living Colour

shiprocked day 4 - ShipRocked winds down with a bang w/ Buckcherry, Andrew W.K., Lacuna Coil, & Living Colour

ShipRocked winds down with a bang w/ Buckcherry, Andrew W.K., Lacuna Coil, & Living Colour

With barely a second to catch one’s breath, day four of the ultimate Rock music cruise vacation hit the ground running. As the second day on Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas, music fans woke early to continue their Rock-n-Roll sabbatical on the sandy beach of this private island. Fueled by Monster Energy, the ShipRocked extravaganza aboard the Norwegian Pearl was a non-stop whirlwind of sun, sea, and fantastic music. The day was filled with more Beach and Greats, more hilarious Beach Wars and musical, dockside performances by Nonpoint and P.O.D.

The evening brought Buckcherry, Andrew W.K., Lacuna Coil, and Filter back out for their second performances. Eighties rockers Living Colour made their way to the stage to remind everyone of history’s many cult of personalities as they played a powerful set. Sevendust’s LaJon Witherspoon could not resist the opportunity and hopped up onstage to belt out some tunes next to Corey Glover while both Anthrax’s Scott Ian and Testament’s Alex Skolnick joined Vernon Reid to get in some amazing guitar licks. Speaking of Sevendust, one of America’s favorite bands returned to the stage once more with a tearful, heartfelt acoustic performance as they played their last set for ShipRocked 2015, closing out the night.


Andrew W.K.

The last day of the cruise was dampened a bit by bad weather, and all bands had to play on the interior Stardust Theatre. Although groups like Thousand Foot Krutch and Black Label Society had made their ways to the stage earlier in the trip, newcomers Gemini Syndrome, 3 Year Hollow, and Crobot kept the adrenaline pumping as some of the final performances of the excursion. Metal Allegiance also hit the stage one last, memorable time with Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia once again. The night closed with a bittersweet performance by Limp Bizkit, who were joined by several Rock-n-Roll legends, as well as some dancing ladies Durst invited on stage. Even though this was the last show of a mind-blowing five day tour, the crowd was in high spirits as their musical vacation docked in port.

Lacuna Coil

With so many unforgettable moments, one is reminded that this cruise is about much more than great music, food, and spirits. It sometimes seems as if the music was secondary to the lasting friendships created these past five days. The chance to be aboard a ship with some of the Rock stars idolized by many is in and of itself a killer experience. Not only did fans get to share the floor with these musical greats, they also got to meet and befriend them, which is really the standout of the ShipRocked experience. Yes, the initial ticket purchase was about the music, but for many, those five days resulted in the creation of long lasting friendships.

Shiprocked people 14 - ShipRocked winds down with a bang w/ Buckcherry, Andrew W.K., Lacuna Coil, & Living Colour

Photo credit & reporting: Rick Triana Photography


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