Shout! Factory Set To Release Valentine: The Dark Avenger

There has been plenty of superheroes on the big screen, but not many superheroines. They have been on the rise with 2017’s Wonder Woman and 2019’s Captain Marvel. That is not to mention the likes of Black Widow and Gamora being key figures in the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy films respectively. Still, the overall superhero game is a bit of a sausage party. So what can one do to redress the balance? Well, Marvel and DC are not the only comic companies around.

Valentine: The Dark Avenger is based on the crime fighter from Indonesia’s Skylar Comics. The film, directed by Ubay Fox (Roh Fasik 2019) and Agus Pestol (Arwah Noni Belanda 2019), will reveal how the humble waitress-cum-actress Srimaya (Estelle Linden: BFF Best Friends Forever 2017) becomes Valentine, Batavia City’s Heroine of Hope. She faces off against robbers, hoodlums, and a variety of criminals. But, she will face her biggest challenge when a masked villain rises from the depths to bring her down.

The film will be released through Shout Factory Home Entertainment on DVD, Blu-Ray, and major digital and VOD platforms from May 14th, 2019 onwards. It is also available for pre-order via Superhero fans who want to expand their palate beyond the MCU or DCEU should find plenty of bang for their buck with Valentine.

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