Sick Puppies – Connect (Album Review)

Sick Puppies – Connect (Album Review)

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Sick Puppies are a band on a mission since 1997.  That mission is to rock, and rock hard.  Hailing from Australia the three piece band took a bold move to North America around 2001 to further their musical career. With their major label debut Dressed Up As Life (2007)  the band made a name for themselves with the hit “All the Same”.  In 2009 the band released Tri-polarFurther solidified Sick Puppies as a serious rock band with peak positions in active album charts and a list of mainstream rock hits. After years of touring and building a strong fan base their much anticipated album Connect is here in 2013.

If you are a fan of Sick Puppies or a this is your first time hearing the band you will be in for a pleasant listening experience with Connect. Wasting no time the album makes an impression from the start with “Die To Save You”.  With atmospheric guitar melody and engaging bass line the song lets you know Sick Puppies are ready to make a statement.  Shim Moore and Emma Anzai share vocal parts for an excellent dynamic combination with the music.  With a track like this to start a record you can’t help but wonder where do you go from here. 

Looking to keep things dynamic the next track “There’s No Going Back” gives you a lighter approach musically.  A perfect choose for a first single with its metallic pop sense you will be singing this in your head for the entire day.  With its pop sense the song grabs you only to bring attention to the heavy lyrics.  Uplifting and refreshing lyrically we are brought into the world of Moore and his honest recollection of his life to this point.  With a human element the lyrics relate to all with a positive outlook to never look back, hold no regrets, and keep chasing your dreams.  “Walking Away” is a great guitar driven track complimented by Moore’s soothing verse blasting into an energetic chorus.  The drums hit hard and the groove sets a great vibe.  “Gunfight” is perhaps the most unique track on the album.  With a raw approach, catchy harmony, and attention grabbing lyrics you will love.  Taking a heavier approach lyrically touching on social issues of humanity.  Letting us know that sometimes the game is rigged and not to bring a knife to a gunfight. 

Keeping things interesting the next track “Poison” takes the listener in a different direction.  Driven by acoustic guitars Moore softly serenities the listener.  Giving you a great balance of soft  subtlety sound mixed with heaviness toward the end.  This could be one of the most complete Sick Puppies tracks to date.  “Where Does The Time Go” is an introspective look at our lives and how fast it passes us by.  With an array of guitar sounds and layered vocals the track resonates loudly within you.  The title track “Connect” continues the layered approach toward the music.  Crisp and clear the instrumentation is stimulating as it is catchy.  “Run” is a atmospheric track inspiring us to live our lives to the fullest.  Emphasizing the importance of enjoying our time here and not letting the world get in our way.  “Trick The Devil Did” is an excellent track with an explosive chorus that will make you want to shout it out loud.  With heavy guitars and catchy lyric lines this is another stand out track.  “Healing Now” is a beautiful melodic song driven by acoustic guitars.  Moore puts on an excellent vocal perform with beautiful backing vocals by Anzai. 

The album closes out with “Under A Very Black Sky”.  Leading the vocals is Anzai with her soft soothing approach giving the listener a sense of comfort.  A very ambient track which will relax the most restless of souls.  You can hear influence of The Beatles and Queen clearly here.  If you want to spare a few extra dollars we highly recommend picking up the deluxe edition of the album.  The tracks “What Are You Thinking”, “Mercy”, and “Better Waste Of Time” are high quality and worth the extra money.

Connect is clearly a statement album for Sick Puppies.  Although only a 3 piece band the sound provided is so wide and deep you will be amazed.  With 2 solid rock records to their credit already Connect take things to the next level.  Stepping away from the pack of rock bands to bring listeners this gem of ambient, thought provoking, melodic music.  With a clear lyrical message giving you a straight forward positive perspective.  It’s not too often a band creates an album as deep start to finish as Connect.  Cryptic Rock give this album 5 out of 5 stars.


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