Simple Creatures – Everything Opposite (EP Review)

Simple Creatures – Everything Opposite (EP Review)

Blink-182 meets All Time Low to create rocking Synthpop? Meet Simple Creatures, who deliver their Everything Opposite EP on Friday, October 11th, 2019 via BMG.

When you are a duo comprised of Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus and All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth, you have already got a built-in fanbase. So, instead of making deliciously infectious Pop-Punk, why not toss those fans a curveball and create synth-heavy sing-alongs with thick Pop sensibilities that groove to Rock-n-Roll guitars? When they delivered their debut EP, Strange Love, in March 2019, they proved that this sound works just perfectly, thank you very much.

Following up their initial collection, the pair has now released the 6-song EP Everything Opposite. Produced by Zakk Cervini (Waterparks, Yungblood), the latest from the talented twosome is ironically upbeat even when it is down, outrageously contagious, and, we are not going to lie, a special little necessity for your music collection.

The Everything Opposite EP opens to the catchy, clap-along “Special,” a synth-heavy Pop Rock, feel-good anthem and the perfect introduction to this short collection. Next, glittering guitars twinkle into the ironically upbeat “One Little Lie,” an exploration of the little white lies that we tell ourselves each day. This paves the way for the alluring wall of sound of “Need Me,” which sports some New Wave influences, before they continue to be utterly infectious with “The Wolf.” Pairing lackadaisical verses with frantic choruses, the track then erupts into distortion heaven with full-throttle Garage Rock guitars.

Like a gateway drug, “The Wolf” bridges the gap into a steady beat that builds into “NVM.” If you’re one of those fans that’s waiting for the underlying Blink-182 and All Time Low influences, well, this is as close as you’re going to get. A perfect blend of their synth-tastic new explorations and the music that made the pair famous, “NVM” is catchy and danceable but still perfectly Emo. Because outrage is all the rage, they bring everything (opposite) that came before together and wrap it up with a bow entitled “Thanks, I Hate It.” Coupling rocking guitars, outrageous infectiousness, and undeniable beats to craft yet another epic sing-along, Simple Creatures prove that their sound is addictive.

It is not easy to be fun when you are down, but Simple Creatures put an intoxicating beat to their troubles and turn them into danceable hits. Proving the talents of both Hoppus and Gaskarth outside the genre that made them famous, the duo challenge their fans to step outside of the box with them. Young, fun, amalgamating a zillion influences into something that feels like hard rocking Synthpop with gritty Punk attitude, Simple Creatures offer something fresh and new. Thanks, we don’t hate it! So, Cryptic Rock give the Everything Opposite EP 5 of 5 stars.

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