Skid Row – Slave to the Grind Coffee (Coffee Review)

Who says ‘American Runs on Dunkin’?’ Why can’t it be something a little more on the outskirts of the mainstream? Well, if you are a Rock-n-Roll fan, but also love your coffee, Dead Sled Coffee has plenty of cool products to offer you. 

Based out of New Jersey, Dead Sled Coffee is an independently owned coffee brand that thinks outside the box. Instead of packaging and selling your run of the mill indie coffee, they have been teaming up with well known names in the entertainment and Rock-n-Roll world. A Horror buff? They have a Kane Hodder coffee, Elvira coffee, or even a Vincent Price coffee! A Rock lover? They have a Rob Zombie Brew, a Kiss Koffee, and more recently they joined forces with the ’80s Rock heroes Skid Row.

Hitting the public back in early December of 2021, the partnership is a quite fitting because it finds Dead Sled Coffee and Skid Row celebrating the 30th anniversary of the band’s multi-platinum 1991 album Slave to the Grind. An album that debuted at number 1, Slave to the Grind was unquestionably the killer follow up to 1989 self-titled debut that fans needed and it still holds up three decades later. Dubbing the coffee itself Slave to the Grind, obviously it is a pretty damn good play on words. Howver, some might think, what am I getting out of this? Is it a gimmick? Well, no because original Skid Row Bassist Rachel Bolen has said “We don’t just put our name on any product, so the pairing was a no brainer. This is seriously great coffee. And being based in New Jersey we understand each other literally and figuratively. That said, our coffee can kick your coffee’s ass.

Bolen could just be saying that to sell some merchandise, but in truth, he is right, it is pretty darn good coffee. The Slave to the Grind coffee is a French roast. Not overpowering, it is a medium brew that is just the right blend of Costa Rican and Brazilian beans. Featuring a slight hints of nuts and chocolate, it is a very satisfying blend that will certainly help get you going in the morning. 

Additionally the packaging is a great selling point since it features the Slave to the Grind name and a fragment of classic album artwork. By the way, did you know that Sebastian Bach’s father painted that legendary cover art? If not, now you do! And if you are yearning for some actual music related news from Skid Row, they are playing some shows in early 2022 before supporting Scorpions as part of their residence in Las Vegas come March, before they prepare to be a part of 2022’s M3 Festival. Interested in new tunes? Well, according to a video update on Skid Row’s website from Bolen back in November of 2021…new music is coming soon! 

Overall, if you are a coffee lover and Skid Row fan this is not just a silly marketing ploy to get you to buy an inferior product. The product is high quality, plus you get to keep a cool piece of memorabilia for your Skid Row collection…so it is a win win! That is why Cryptic Rock gives Skid Row’s Slave to the Grind coffee 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

Purchase Skid Row Slave to the Grind coffee here

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