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These days, online dating is a popular way for couples to meet. It has become so second nature, no one gives it much of a thought, unless of course a serial killer starts killing women they have met online. That thought in mind, the latest Horror movie via MuchoMuchoMucho Productions and Firefly Films (debut film), in association with ITN Distribution, makes its way to DVD on March 7th.

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Written by Chelsea Andes (debut film) and co-written and directed by Chip Gubera (Song of the Dead 2004), tells the story of a young couple who take a chance on love, only to meet an unexpected fate neither saw coming. Despite the recent spate of killings by a killer known as The Slasher, a young couple, reserved Jack Roper (Ben Kaplan: The Sluagh 2016, ADDicted 2017) and outgoing Kristy Smith (Morgan Carter: debut film), meet on a dating site. After chatting on the site for several months, Kristy and Jack agree to meet in person. At Kristy’s suggestion, they travel to the country for their first date. Kristy has previously booked accommodations for the weekend, and is eager to get to know Jack, who is initially unsure but is quickly talked into it by Kristy.

After stopping for fuel and meeting local Sheriff Weston (Delious: The Moment After 2 2006, Dead 7 2016), Kristy and Jack arrive at a small Bed and Breakfast in the middle of nowhere and are greeted by one of the owners who likes to be known as “Momma,” Myers (Jewel Shepard: The Return of the Living Dead 1985, Caged Heat II: 1994), her husband Jesse Myers (R.A. Mihailoff: Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III 1990, Hatchet II 2010) who has a love of machete’s, and their daughter Caitlin (Rebecca Crowley: debut film). Mama loves cooking and insists Jack tastes everything she makes with a silver spoon.

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For the first day and evening, Jack and Kristy spend some time getting to know each other, unaware they are being watched by someone unseen. They spend a wonderful night together, but the next morning, they are awoken by Mama with a breakfast she has prepared for them. Shortly thereafter, both are pursued by Mama and Jesse, whose motives appear to be doubly horrific. Rather than a romantic weekend in the country, Jack and Kristy’s first date takes a deadly turn and both must fight for their lives with little advantages.

To Carter’s credit, as her debut film, she comes off as a natural actress, providing some levity and depth to the story, likewise for Andes’ first feature movie. That said, the first part of is interesting, albeit it slightly predictable with a quick pace and opens the door for what happens in the second half. At this point, the film amps up the action and gore, again in a familiar fashion.

However, three quarters through the film, it takes a dramatic twist which adds an extra subplot to the story to keep the viewers on the edge. This shift is original and inspiring, the next one is less impactful, and unfortunately, the last one may not make sense to some viewers. Furthermore, some scenes will not be to all viewer’s tastes; particularly the subplot with Mama’s extra special intimate relationship with said silver spoon. Having said that, certainly stretches the boundaries of what is seen on screen opposed to what is usually inferred off camera.

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In addition, the special effects are well done by Cassie Brooks (debut film), who also helped out in the Art Department, and the cinematography by Brian Maurer (By Bad Day’s End 2014, In the Wake of Ire 2017) is top notch, which is a welcome bonus.

Returning to the twists and turns, the first twist at the end is a welcome surprise, and creates an extra layer to the film. Certainly a multilayered film, is the type of film Horror fans will either love or hate. Either way, it is interesting viewing and adds another fear in people who frequent online dating sites opposed to getting to know someone in person. For these reasons, CrypticRock gives 3 out of 5 stars.


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