Sleeping With Sirens – Complete Collapse (Album Review)

Sleeping With Sirens – Complete Collapse (Album Review)

The resurgence of Emo is in full-effect with genre darlings like Paramore, Pierce The Veil, My Chemical Romance and so many others making their return and gracing us with new music. That being said, 2022 was the perfect time for Sleeping With Sirens to return with their new full-length album, Complete Collapse.

With their last release being How It Feels to Be Lost back in 2019, the band entered the pandemic and emerged completely changed like many of us did. Feeling burnt out, Vocalist Kellin Quinn explained how the pandemic provided some much-needed mental rest that prevented him from completely collapsing under pressure.  The album is an audio diary of all of the anxiety and emotions that came with climbing out of the rubble and emerging unscathed.

Released on October 14th through Sumerian Records, Complete Collapse’s art features people lounging by the pool, living their best lives while everything around them is on fire, which is the perfect depiction of its vibes. Right from the start, “Tyrant” is an explosive opener to this album. It’s a perfectly balanced mix of hellish screams and Quinn’s signature falsettos. “Complete Collapse” hits every bullet point regarding the overall theme of the album. Its dreamy melodies lull you while its gloomy lyrics speak to the darkest parts of ourselves. Lines like, “We stare through shattered lenses/ There’s nothing to see/ ‘Cause we all die alone/ Hold my hand above the flame/ To bring me to my senses” drive those points deep into the brain.

Those familiar with any of his side work know Quinn is the king of features, lending his ethereal vocals on numerous tracks for an array of artists. So, it comes to no surprise that the album comes with some incredible features to sink your teeth into. Furthermore, “Crosses,” “Let You Down,” “Be Happy,” and “Us” feature vocals from Spencer Chamberlain (Underoath), Charlotte Sands, Royal & the Serpents, and Dorothy Martin and add some electricity to the mix. This in mind, “Crosses” is definitely a contender for one of the more standout tracks on the album with its fire and gnashing riffs. Not to be overlooked, “Ctrl+Alt+Del” and “Bloody Knuckles” are two tracks destined to be crowd favorites. With their effervescent rhythms, they are bursting with an energy that begs to fill an arena. Then there is “Family Tree” which breaks up the chaos with its electronic feel as it spins a tale of familial trauma. While it is a bit repetitive, it still possesses a lot of heart.

All this in mind, the final moments of Complete Collapse are just as vivacious as how it started – full of heart-wrenching lyricism, infectious beats and flame that refuses to die out even as the last track ends. The pop-infused “Mr. Nice Guy” and energy of “Apathetic” are absolute bright spots that exist only to get stuck in your head. This is while “Grave” is seemingly soft-spoken with its acoustic riffs, however, the lyrics’ aim to seep into your heart and rip it out – “It shouldn’t have to be so hard/ Why do I carry all this weight when I don’t need it/ Keep me away, I’m trying to change/ ‘Cause I got one foot in the grave/ And if I slip, I can’t be saved from my demons

Sleeping With Sirens have always had a knack for blending subgenres to find their perfect fit. Their level of artistry and dedication solidified their place amongst mainstream giants while still appealing to the tried-and-true fans that have stuck along for the ride. Full of light and darkness, Complete Collapse only adds to the band’s ability to create something beautiful. That is why Cryptic Rock gives this album 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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