All These Sleepless Nights (Movie Review)

One young man’s search for what i s missing in the moments of his life, the Polish Docu-Drama All These Sleepless Nights was originally released in select theaters on April 7th, and became available on most major VOD platforms July 11th thanks to The Orchard.

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In All These Sleepless Nights, viewers experience just over 525,600 minutes in the life of twenty-something, Warsaw native Krzysztof (Krzysztof Baginski: Photon 2017). Here, the audience watch as Kryzs navigates the Polish streets, partaking of the party scene – its drugs and romance – stumbling his way through each evening to get to the next. He will break-up with a girl, move into a new apartment with pal Michal (Michal Huszcza: debut), and ultimately fall for Michael’s ex-girlfriend Eva (Eva Lebuef: debut).

There will be EDM beats; bad dancing and some good dancing!; wandering the streets of Warsaw while blinded; naked interludes; morning jogs; fence-hopping; spying on unsuspecting neighbors; bar fights; singing on the roof; gorgeous sunsets; fireworks; and a fuzzy, pink bunny suit.

Shot documentary-style, the foreign Drama film All These Sleepless Nights, aka Wszystkie nieprzespane noce, comes from Writer/Director Michal Marczak (At the Edge of Russia 2010, Fuck for Forest 2012) and first-time Writer Katarzyna Szczerba, and clocks in at roughly 103 minutes. The bulk of the film is in Polish with English subtitles, though there is sporadic English peppered throughout. What is not clear here is exactly how much of the film is scripted and how much is left to organics, and so the end result is something that feels like a scrapbook of moments taken from one truly pivotal year.

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All These Sleepless Nights is a meandering, existential trip through life and relationships, youth and time. Through beautifully poetic and oft haunting dialogue, we receive a collection of profound conversations occurring in key moments throughout one year of one young Polish man’s life. While Kryzs is seemingly drinking and partying his days away – wasting precious time, some might say – we are asked to consider: Is it all truly a waste? Is he walking through Warsaw with his eyes closed or has this collection of moments amounted to something bigger? Has this time all been smoking e-cigarettes on dirty mattresses or has there been an epiphany reached through all these sleepless nights?

All These Sleepless Nights still.

This is a film that moves slowly and contains no major action, and yet, scattered just like the clouds, All These Sleepless Nights is something weighty. Told through the conversations and random moments of Kryzs’ life, this is a coming-of-age film that explores the deepest trenches of life’s purpose and how we choose to spend our time. This is the tale of one man’s search to find the spark in life and love, one solo dance at a time.

The film, much like life, is cyclic in nature, emphasizing the repetitive nature of our stumbles as we search blindly for what is missing in our days. For the reminder that a day enjoyed is never a day wasted, CrypticRock give All These Sleepless Nights 4 of 5 stars.

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