Sorry About the Demon (Movie Review)

Sorry About the Demon (Movie Review)

Break ups can be pretty devastating. You are heartbroken, you have lost the person you believe to be the love of your life, and now you have to move out of your shared apartment. Things couldn’t get much worse right?! Unfortunately, for Will… things are about to get a lot worse.

Streaming exclusively through Shudder on January 19, 2023, Sorry About the Demon follows the aforementioned Will (Jon Michael Simpson: Scare Package 2019, The One You’re With 2021). Will is at a bit of a crossroads in life. He has tried his hand at several different jobs, but none have stuck and now he spends his time selling a slightly odd brand of toothpaste. After missing his girlfriend Amy (Paige Evans: Trapped With My Husband 2022, Fatal Family Reunion 2022) promotion celebrations, she decides that she no longer wants to be with him, and Will is left to find somewhere new to live whilst trying to repair his broken heart. Luckily, or as it will transpire perhaps not so luckily, Will finds a lovely, big house that the owners are more than happy to rent to him. Unbeknownst to Will, he isn’t the only occupant, and he is now sharing his house with some rather restless spirits and a demon who is seeking a host.

Written and directed by Emily Hagins (V/H/S 2018, Scare Package 2019), Sorry About the Demon is less of a horror and more of a rom com with some horror themes. This might sound like a slight but is far from it – Sorry About the Demon is great fun. The rom com elements make it funny and relatable, and the Horror elements differentiate it from being just another rom com about a break up.

Will could have easily been an annoying character which would have made the film hard work as he is our central protagonist and with the audience throughout. However, Simpson puts in a great performance. Even when Will is being silly, he is never annoying and throughout the audience roots for him and wants him to succeed. Will feels like he could either be you or be someone you know. He is likeable and his search to be someone more and do something with his life is something that most people have probably struggled with.

Haunted houses are a Horror staple but rarely do haunted houses cause quite so much hilarity. Whilst Sorry About the Demon does become progressively sillier as the running time goes on and is perhaps a tad too long, it is good fun and ends in such a way that another visit to Will’s haunted abode wouldn’t be unwelcome. Perhaps audiences can look forward to Sorry About the Demon (again) soon? Worth checking out, Cryptic Rock gives this movie 3.5 out of 5 stars. 

Sorry About the Demon movie poster/ A Shudder Original

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