Space Lemon Exclusive Premiere “Alone Again” video on CrypticRock

Space Lemon are a Los Angeles based Alternative Rock band on the rise. Consists of Musician Institute graduates from around the globe, Space Lemon is vocalist Tommaso Gimignani from Italy, guitarist Ignacio Zas from Uruguay, bassist Felipe Archer from Brazil, and drummer Ale Robles from Mexico. Coming from diverse backgrounds, the bands influence comes from the heart of ’90s Alternative Rock bands such as Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains, among others. With raw guitar riffs and powerful vocals the band are making a name for themselves around the Southern California area, and are looking to go global.  by combining catchy vocals and electrifying riffs as they have been performing around the Los Angeles area.

The band’s first single, “Alone Again,” off self-titled EP which was independently released on July 31st. Now set to debut their video for the track and have teamed up with CrypticRock for the premiere. Directed by Barbara Cupisti, an Italian award winning documentary director, the video takes on the flavor of one put out during the height of Rock on MTV during the ’90s. Space Lemon describes the song as being about people who take the path less traveled, the one’s that don’t get a degree or have a ‘regular’ job and who feel certain pressures and deal with struggles given to them by the world around them. Lead guitarist Ignacio Zas adds, “The song has a different meaning for everyone in the band, but we can all relate to the fact that we are different and have pressures of being away from home, being on the road and being musicians.” Watch the video below:

space lemon album cover

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