Steel Panther crude fun The Paramount Huntington, NY 5-19-15 w/ Like A Storm

Steel Panther crude fun The Paramount Huntington, NY 5-19-15 w/ Like A Storm

Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, American Glam Metal supergroup Steel Panther have made a name for themselves on the sunset strip and throughout the world as being one of the best Party Metal Hair bands of recent memory. Previously known as Metal Shop, Danger Kitty, Metal Skool and Jam Prancer, Steel Panther’s albums are full of over the top, gratuitous lyrics about sex, drugs and good old Rock-n-Roll, making them the proverbial thought bubble of the Hair Metal bands that sprouted, full formed and eyelined, back in the 1980s. Their hysterical songs about hookers, cocaine and lewd sex acts are only overshadowed by one thing…they kick musical ass.

Band members Michael Starr (vocals), Lexxi Foxxx (guitar), Satchel (guitar), and Stix Zadinia (drums) are not just run of the mill, backstreet musicians. Satchel was a guitar instructor and was previously a member of Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford’s band Fight, while Michael Starr was the former singer for the L.A. Guns. The self-parodying, comedic aspect of Steel Panther combines with superb musicianship and the inner monologue of a stereotypical Hair Metal tour bus in the mid to late 1980s. Since their inception in 2000, Steel Panther have pushed out four albums: the 2003 debut Hole Patrol, 2009’s Feel the Steel, 2011’s Balls Out, and most recent from 2014, All You Can Eat. Initially  in 2014, Steel Panther announced a four stop UK run in support of their latest album. The All You Can Eat tour has since grown as the band continually added shows in the US, Europe, Australia and even South America. They stopped in Huntington, New York at The Paramount on Tuesday May 19th to remind Long Island how a real Hair band is supposed to sound.

Jump starting the night was New Zealand natives transplanted to North America, Like A Storm. Famous for taking heavy, baritone guitar riffs and a Hard Rock sound and combining them with the trumpeting horn tones of a didgeridoo, Like A Storm was formed in 2005 and consists of three Brooks brothers: Matt (lead guitar), Chris (lead vocals/rhythm guitar/didgeridoo) and Kent (bass), along with Zach Wood (drums). Their most recent album, Awaken the Fire, was released February 24, 2015 through Another Century, an album that produced the single “Wish You Hell,”  which has cracked the Top 30 on the US Active Rock charts. This night in May, Like A Storm’s seven song set featured a Hard Rock blend that brought an almost tribal feel to The Paramount. The show began with the track “Chemical Infatuation” off of their 2009 album The End of the Beginning. Having a short set did not mean that these boys held back as they performed some of their biggest singles including “Never Surrender,” “Become the Enemy,” the aforementioned “Wish You Hell” and “Love the Way You Hate Me,” along with even had their own version of Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise.” Seeing Like A Storm has visited The Paramount in the past, there should be reason why they will not be back again as they rise to the top of the Hard Rock world.

When Steel Panther was set up and ready to take the stage, the crowd was reeling with intense, high energy. It was a night where people came in groups of five to fifteen, some just to party with friends and others to relive the glory of ’80s Hair Metal. As the band took the stage clad in loud spandex, ripped shirts and headbands, Starr grabbed the microphone and screamed “Pussywhipped!” announcing the first track on their latest album. The crowd was fist pumping and head banging as the band immediately dove right into “Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World,” another offering from All You Can Eat. The room was full of laughing, happy faces and the drinks were flowing like it was literally the last night anyone would have to enjoy on this earth.

Not only did their set feature tracks like “Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)” off of Hole Patrol and “The Shocker” from, Feel the Steel, but it reached its peak when they performed “17 Girls In a Row” from Balls Out as female fans were selected by the band to be brought up on stage to dance, including this article author’s own girlfriend. As venue cameras flicked around the crowd, the Jumbotron above relayed the footage, showing girls in the audience flashing the band as they sat on top of their boyfriend’s and possibly even husband’s shoulders. Surprising to some, the band took a slower, more personal turn when they performed a mini acoustic set comprised of the song “Kanye” with a three-song medley of “Weenie Ride,” “Stripper Girl,” and “Why Can’t You Trust Me” before playing “Girl From Oklahoma,” and then finally going back into their electric set.

This high energy show climaxed during the last three songs of the set, featuring “Asian Hooker,” “Eyes of a Panther” and “Death To All But Metal,” the top three songs the band’s repertoire. Those specific tracks were, without a doubt, the ones everyone wanted to hear and within two seconds of hearing the opening riff to “Death To All But Metal,” anyone with long hair was head banging and a mosh pit opened up with forty to fifty people running around in a circle, limbs flailing and hair whipping.

The crowd howled and cheered as Steel Panther left the stage, but within three minutes, they were back on for a two song encore, starting with an epic ballad called “Community Property” about fidelity to that special someone, unless, of course, someone happens to be on tour. What happens on the tour bus, stays on the tour bus, right? It was during the final closing song when the entire audience went wild once again. Espousing the assumed true lifestyle of an ’80s Hair band, the aptly titled “F*ck All night (Party All Day)” was an epic closer for the evening. For many at the Paramount on this night in May, the evening ended after the last song, while a few lucky ones got to go to the Members Only area to meet Starr and Satchel. It was an amazing set with a fantastically talented, light-hearted vibe provided by Steel Panther.

Rock fans looking for a show sprinkled with numerous celebrity guests and fans that are itching to dress in their best ’80s garb, look no further than Steel Panther. With remaining shows across the country from the West Coast and up to British Columbia and down to Miami, Florida, there are plenty of dates to choose from. Fans should prepare themselves for a night that will include stage dancing female fans, spandex, and a hell of a lot of hairspray. Party on!

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