Steel Panther Party with Sold Out NYC Crowd 5-27-14

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Steel Panther Party with Sold Out NYC Crowd 5-27-14

Spring is time for new beginnings, and a long list of tour announcements.  Helping kick off the season was Los Angeles, CA glamorous metal act Steel Panther.   Releasing their raunchy, over the top fourth studio album All You Can Eat April 1st, the boys hit the road on May 3rd on quest for a 21-date tour across North America.  On Tuesday May 27th, in the final stretch of shows, Steel Panther arrived in New York City in all their glory to play Irving Plaza with support from up and coming band Future Villains.

As the only supporting act on the tour, Future Villains bring their own brand of rock from Los Angeles, CA as well.  Together now since 2011, the band came together over years with lead guitarist and founding member Clay Davies and bassist David Ellis joining forces with vocalist Dusty Bo, eventually adding Drummer Kenny Dale and guitarist Nate Jealouss.  Mixing high octane guitar rock with powerful vocals, Future Villains look to make a lasting impression on this tour.

After some minor technical difficulty with their equipment, the band recovered promptly and blasted through a set of original tunes off their debut self-titled EP and excellent covers of  AC/DC’s “If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)” and Deep Purple’s “Highway Star”.  Opposed to just mimicking the originals, Future Villains showed their talents; adding their own flair to the cover tunes which had everyone intrigued.  Vocalist Dusty Bo put on a dazzling display of singing with the scratchiness of a Scott Weiland but the range of Steven Tyler, hitting high notes and holding them for extended periods that really grabbed attention.  Their original music is best described as classic rock tingling sounded mixed with modern tones, and unforgettable chorus hooks.  As a young and currently unsigned band, there is no doubt their passion for rock-n-roll will not go unnoticed much longer and soon Future Villains will be touring regularly across the states.  As an exciting opening act worth arriving early for, this band put their stamp on the evening and started things off right.

Without further ado, Steel Panther were ready to bare it all to NYC with colorful flare and teased up hair.  Not since the 1980’s has rock seen a band as outrageous as these guys with neon outfits, eye-liner, x-rated lyrics, and party-like attitude.  One would think, “How could a new age glam metal band hold their own in the new millennium?”  Steel Panther has been doing more than just exist over the past decade plus since their formation, they actually bring with them a dedicated following and charted albums.  Whoever said glam was a fad and outplayed was dead wrong and these guys are proving it.

With a sold out Irving Plaza, the noise level picked up as one by one, vocalist Michael Starr, guitarist Satchel, bassist Lexxi Foxx, and drummer Stix Zadinia came out in scandalous outfits; each matching their personality.  First Stix walked out in a worn out black t-shirt waving some metal horns at the audience screaming loudly, then Lexxi arrived with his long luscious blonde hair and pink polka dotted bass guitar, humorously going straight to his vanity to check his hair.  Next was Satchel, prancing out with a torn up t-shirt and leopard stripped guitar screaming at fans in joy.  Much like the rockers of yesteryear, this entrance was all part of what was to be a spectacular stage show as they kicked off with “Pussywhipped” where Starr finally arrived wearing a smile and an Aerosmith inspired outfit.   Fans showed their undying love for Steel Panther by singing along with each and every word right through “Tomorrow Night”.  Crude and lude, the guys engaged the audience with the story of their beginnings and pointing out people in the audience playfully making naughty comments.  Thankfully, those that come to a Steel Panther show leave the uptight political correct attitude at the door and were here to revel in the fun.

As the set moved on through songs like “Asian Hooker”, “Eyes of a Panther”, and the love ballad “Gangbang at the Old Folks Home”, fans loved every ounce of the debauchery; begging for more.  Dazzling the room with an electrifying guitar solo, Satchel shredded out every note combination.  By the start of the song “Gloryhole”, the band asked the girls to come up on stage to dance behind them; about twenty girls took to opportunity to do so, dancing and rubbing their hands all over the rock stars.  After the crowd favorite “Death To All But Metal”, “Community Property” began with the entire venue singing the first few lines of the song.  By the closing of the track the venue erupted in perfect unison singing, to which Steel Panther captured the moment by seizing to play their instruments as Starr held his microphone into the crowd.  Reaching a high point of energy, the climax came to its boiling point during the ceremonious closing song “Party All Day (Fuck All Night)”.

Steel Panther’s stage banter is nothing less than hilarious and everything they say translates naturally into their overall stage presence.   These guys are not only looking to have fun, dress up, and enjoy obscene rock-n-roll, they also are extremely talented musicians.  Their dramatic stage persona is something enjoyable to watch in an era where everything is extremely serious and lacking sense of humor.  Be aware though, Steel Panther is not prim and proper; be prepared to hear some crazy sexually filled stories, cursing, and maybe a few ladies flashing from the VIP section. Steel Panther will transport you back to an era where monstrous rock music, party-themed songs, big hair, tight outfits were the norm, and for that the rock gods salute them!



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