Stephen Pearcy – View to a Thrill (Album Review)

Stephen Pearcy – View to a Thrill (Album Review)

The flashy wheels of Ratt ‘n Roll forever spin “Round and Round,” polished by the staying power of Ratt’s tenacious frontman Stephen Pearcy. If preserving the legacy of one of the 1980’s biggest Rock acts is not enough, Stephen Pearcy will go a step further once again, on November 9, 2018, when he releases his new solo effort, View to a Thrill, on Frontiers Music SRL.

Not enough can be said about Pearcy’s wild journey in the glitzy world of Rock. Born in Long Beach, California, Pearcy’s life intentions never swayed towards becoming the legendary Rock star he is today. Then, in 1970, at the age of fourteen, Pearcy endured a life-changing experience when he was struck by a motor vehicle. Fighting to get back on his feet, Pearcy found himself lying in the hospital for six months, however, these waning hours would prove to be a blessing in disguise for the young man. As fate would have it, someone gifted Pearcy a guitar, and, while under medical care, the teen soon spent this extra time falling for music.

Moving along to the decade of decadence, Pearcy’s signature look and tone was first exposed to a new generation of Rock-and-Roll fans on Ratt’s full length debut, 1984’s Out of the Cellar. Essentially inventing Glam-Metal, Ratt exploded into a multi-platinum selling juggernaut. This plastered Pearcy’s face all over MTV and placed the rocker center stage in front of sold-out crowds from Madison Square Garden to stadiums around the world.

Over the years, Pearcy has been in and out of the limelight and returned to reclaim his throne on his first solo album, Social Intercourse, released in 2002. Pearcy’s latest LP, Smash, was released in 2017. Today, Pearcy has formed a recharged version of Ratt alongside longtime bandmate Bassist Juan Croucier, while in the same breathe recording new music. Stepping on the gas, Pearcy offers up View to a Thrill with a little help from Guitarist Erik Ferentinos, Bassist Matt Thorne, and Drummer Scot Coogan.

Without further adieu, let’s fasten our seat-belts, hop into a cherry red sports car, and cruise down the Sunset-Strip while cranking View to a Thrill. Slicing into the first cut, “U Only Live Twice” dishes out the familiar lush melody and bouncy rhythm that originally put Pearcy on the map. Following up a prime opening, the dangerous riff inside of “Sky Falling” will have listeners jumping to carouse the streets at night as the cliche of “Malibu” thrusts into “One In A Million.” Next, Pearcy pours a “Double Shot” of big Rock straight into a fueling, slow rhythmic tempo, and heavy chorus. Classified, the able bodied “Secrets To Tell” contains an impetuous bridge as “Not Killin’ Me” comprises 1980’s, uptempo ballad synth, and a strike of the right affecting notes.

In a word of caution, “Dangerous Thing” channels the spirit of Ratt’s “Lovin’ You’s A Dirty Job” before the rebellious and sneaky first single off View to a Thrill, “I’m A Ratt.” Staying consistent, Pearcy keeps the rocking flow of View to a Thrill going with “From The Inside” as the album closes with “Violator.” In a formidable ending, Pearcy and friends serve up the album’s raunchiest riffs and a cryptic theme unlike anything listeners might expect.

There is no telling if we will get new music from Ratt anytime soon, however, on View to a Thrill, Pearcy sticks with what works – the signature sound which made Ratt a household name. Ultimately, for fans who can’t get enough of Glam Metal nostalgia, Stephen Pearcy’s View to a Thrill furnishes a decent offering of music where every song incorporates enough Rock tenacity to satisfy anyone who presses play. For these reasons, CrypticRock gives View to a Thrill 3 out of 5 stars.

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