Stereophonics – Kind (Album Review)

Nearly two years since the release of 2017’s Scream Above the Sounds, Welsh Rock band Stereophonics are back with their new album, Kind, on Friday, October 25th via Parlophone Records.

Together for over twenty-five years now, Stereophonics ascended into fame around the time of their 1997 debut album, Word Gets Around. Ever since then they have attained one platinum or gold-selling top charting album after another in UK. Now one of the most successful Welsh Rock acts around, these busy bees return with their eleventh album, Kind. The question – does Kind hold up to the previous work of the band?

The answer is a resonating yes because this album has enough power to last a lifetime in your head. What does this mean? It means that each song is uniquely catchy, yet beautiful at the same time. With smooth and calm arrangements, the music itself gives your mind room to allow it all to sink in, inevitably finding yourself lost in it all. Anchored by the lovely tone of Jone’s voice, there is comfort that allows you to release any and all worries. 

Recorded over an eleven-day period, between June 29th and July 9th of this year, Kind was produced by Lead Singer/Guitarist Kelly Jones along with George Drakoulias. Teaming up with co-founding member Bassist Richard Jones, along with Guitarist Adam Zindani, and Drummer Jamie Morrison, together, they created a natural progression of ten new songs. Yes, most of the songs are mellow and just float around, but there is also the single “Bust This Town,” which is not only catchy, but it also will pull you onto the dance floor immediately.

There is no doubt “Bust This Town” is the fastest cut of all on Kind, and it is carefully placed midway through the album. On the front-end, opener “I Just Wanted The Goods,” as well as the closing title “Restless Mind,” offer beautiful melodies that engage and invite you to sway along in a different way. In truth, each song tells a story; just listen to “Fly Like An Eagle,” the sublime sounding “This Life Ain’t Easy (But It’s the One That We All Got),” or the anthemic “Don’t Let the Devil Take Another Day” and you will agree.

What also makes everything fit so nicely together as a collective piece of music is that there is a relatable to Kelly Jones’ lyrics matching both the love and passion beyond the instrumentation that will not only touch your heart, but nestle itself deep under your skin after just one listen. Prime examples of this is the heartbreaking “Hungover for You,” or piano tingling “Make Friends With The Morning.” 

All in all, Kind is a beautiful album with brilliant tunes and heartfelt singing that is perfect match for anyone who is simply a lover of good music. An hour well spent, Cryptic Rock Stereophonics’ latest Britpop masterful effort 5 out of 5 stars.

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