Sublime with Rome sell out The Paramount Huntington, NY 8-9-14

sublime slide edited 1 - Sublime with Rome sell out The Paramount Huntington, NY 8-9-14

Sublime with Rome sell out The Paramount Huntington, NY 8-9-14

Southern California’s Ska-punk band Sublime was the pinnacle of the genre for over two decades.  The envy of many, the band inspired a generation of musicians to follow their unique blend of punk, rock, reggae, and ska.  Led by the talented vocalist/ guitarist Bradley Nowell, the band left a massive mark on the era with three chart topping albums, including the amazing Sublime (1996).  Sadly at the height of their success Nowell passed away from a heroin overdose, which inevitably brought about the end of the band.  While founding members Eric Wilson (bass guitar) and Bud Gaugh (drums) went to Long Beach Dub All-Stars, few fans ever thought they would see the musicians perform as Sublime again.  Then in 2009 everyone was caught by surprise when Wilson and Gaugh recruited young vocalist Rome Ramirez, AKA Rome, to join them as Sublime with Rome.  Now after a few years of touring, a successful studio album titled Yours Truly (2011), and some strong fan support, Sublime with Rome are a band everyone wants to see.  On Saturday, August 9th at  The Paramount in Huntington, NY the band was welcomed by a sold out crowd eager to see them live in action.

Providing direct support were Long Island natives Oogee Wawa, kicking things off as everyone found their place on the floor.  Mixing reggae, rock, and hip hop the band sent out positive and relaxing vibes.  Keeping the audience bopping their heads and digging their sound Oogee Wawa was a fitting opening for the evening.  Check out the band as they continue to play the local circuit and make a name for themselves.

As the time came near for Sublime with Rome to take the stage there was little room to move on the floor as everyone packed as close as possible to the front, hoping to get the best view. While many in the audience have seen the band in the past, for others it was their first experience with Rome on vocals. With the lights down and anxiety in the air the volcano of tension exploded when Rome began singing “Date Rape.”  Igniting people to dance, jump up and down, and sing along with each word, the excitement was through the roof as they jammed through other favorites such as “Smoke Two Joints,” “Caress Me Down,” and “Santeria.” Making for an intimate environment, the band was all smiles, interacting with fans as Wilson gave thumbs up to all who grabbed his attention.  It is one thing to bring classic tunes to an audience, but it is another to give them the life they certainly deserve.  Sublime with Rome did so, with Rome delivering a powerful vocal performance while ripping through some amazing guitar solos.  Showing their chemistry on stage veteran drummer Josh Freese and Wilson matched that energy with thick tones and a united sound that poured into the crowd.

As the set moved on perhaps one of the biggest highlights of the evening was when they broke into a Peter Tosh cover “Legalize it,” which had everyone screaming at the top of their lungs.  Packing on the hits, newer songs were also received warmly with many of the younger generation chanting along. Keeping this delicate balance of new and older tunes seemed to keep the adrenaline flowing and one could argue that Nowell’s spirit was felt in the room. While Rome himself respectfully acknowledged Nowell the fans responded with emotional cheers that could be heard a block away.  After nearly a two hour set the band winded down with “Wrong Way” and an encore of “Badfish.”

Sublime with Rome simply dominated the stage.  Rome held  his own on vocals and guitar and long-time fans knew somewhere out there Nowell would be proud. As all exited The Paramount a sense of happiness was felt proving Sublime with Rome had recaptured the magic of their past while looking toward the future.


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