Suicidal Tendencies – Get Your Fight On! (EP Review)

Godfathers of crossover Thrash, Suicidal Tendencies returned with a bang on Friday, March 9, 2018 with their latest EP, Get Your Fight On! Only their second ever EP, and their first since 1998’s Six the Hard Way, Get Your Fight On! consists of 10 songs, including new tracks, holding fans over until Suicidal Tendencies’ anticipated full-length album set for release this coming summer. 

Released via the band’s own label, Suicidal Records, the new EP was produced by Paul Northfield, who worked with them back in 1992 where he was an engineer for The Art of Rebellion. Currently comprised of Frontman Mike Muir, Lead Guitarist Dean Pleasants, Drummer Dave Lombardo, Bassist Ra Diaz, and Rhythm Guitarist Jeff Pogan, Muir is quoted as saying the new EP is “a little more specifically a statement of the time.” He added that it is a work that “could be interpreted as political.” So, does the album have the contemporary, political edge Muir has hinted at? Suicidal Tendencies seem to think so!

Starting off, “Nothing to Lose” is a fiery explosion of guitar, quick drums, and screaming vocals.  “Let’s go, let’s go! Let’s go, let’s go! Let’s go, let’s go! I’ve got nothing to lose!” announces Muir and Diaz in an effort to create a hype song to not care. “Nothing to Lose” is a great opener as the song transitions smoothly into the more rhythm and bass-heavy “Get United.” “Get United” maintains the theme of simple lyrics over spidery, hard guitar, but with Rap singing over the track. Giving off heavy Rage Against the Machine vibes, it also seems to be one of those to possibly be interpreted as political on the EP.

Moving along, “Authority” is more subdued than the other two songs as it bleeds in, still with heavy focus on the Rap Rock vocals. The chorus comes in with a wave of guitar and goes right back to the simple instrumental style, perhaps as to not take away from the message of the song – stand up to authority. Then, “Ain’t Messin’ Around” is immediately more melodic with vocals and instrumental as Muir simply cautions, “I ain’t messin around.” As promised, there is a deliverance in the form of a more contemporary approach to the band’s Thrash sound seen here.

Thereafter, “S.E.D” sees the return to quick, grungy guitar and the fast-paced beat associated with Suicidal Tendencies. The climbing bass ascends with the howling guitar in the chorus as it peaks towards the end emotionally and intensely with backwards vocals ending the song. This is definitely a pit song in the making. This is before their cover of Iggy Pop’s “I Got a Right” spirals in fast and authentically Punk sound. “I Got A Right” is a callback to the anthem-like sound of Punk political statements that needs to be had in today’s times: a taste of Gen X’s musical edge. 

Keeping with the social statement, “Just look around and you’ll see the world has gone crazy” they croon into the microphone as “Get Your Right On” comes in. With a softer sound, the song calls for all to get their right on and do what you must in a crazy, messed up world. Following directly with melancholy tones is “Get Your Bass On!” which is an all instrumental track that comes in slow and piles on faster and heavier as the song goes on. The ninth and final track, “Get Your Shred On!,” follows in the footsteps of previous “Get Your” tracks with same build, pacing, and keys, but with focus on guitar and a crazy drum spinout at the end.

Overall, the Get Your Fight On! EP is an epic return for Suicidal Tendencies with the hinted at contemporary feel and political vibe. The music is tight and the effort brings to life an awesome reminder of the power of Thrash and Punk. It definitely leaves much excitement for the upcoming album release, which is now just a few months away. Until then, CrypticRock gives Get Your Fight On! 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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