Suicide Commando – Dein Herz, Meine Gier (EP Review)

The Belgian Industrial band Suicide Commando is back with a brand new EP Dein Herz, Meine Gier on Friday, August 28th through Out Of Line Music. 

A long running project, founding member Johan Van Roy has been making music since 1986 with Suicide Commando. Throughout this time, countless collaborations and releases have emerged, all of which are comfortably at home in the EBM and Industrial genre.

Their first EP since 2018’s Death will Find You, it opens with a remake of “Dein Herz, meine Gier,” a track which was originally released on 2002’s Anthology. Lyrically all in German, it is about deadly love and never being apart again, but in a dark sense. However, even if you are someone who does not understand the words, because of the language, or because they are simply too distorted at times, you can still feel the darkness in the ever so gloomy tone. Furthermore, the catchy rhythms are almost hypnotizing; which is often a common side effect of Industrial music.

Moving on, “Blood In Face” is also a remake, or rather remix, of the 2000 original which was released on Mindstrip. This time around the samples are a little brighter, but the coals are just as dark. Featuring a beat which varies a bit, an aspect that keeps the song flowing, it almost like fog in the night that is spreading between the trees as it crawls across the ground. Finally there is “Bunkerb!tch” and “Belief,” both of which are new tracks. “Bunkerb!tch” is a fast dance track while “Belief” is much calmer with an arrangement mirroring old Atari sounds. 

All in all, even if you do speak German, the lyrics are quite hard to understand, because they are very distorted and shouted. On the other hands, the samples, taken out of movies and such, are quite easy to understand and fit well. Overall, Suicide Commando remains a great band in the Industrial genre. However, outsiders might find the steady beat and aggressive sounds a little too harsh. A band you either love or hate, Dein Herz, Meine Gier is a fast, thriving EP that Cryptic Rock gives 3.5 out of 5 stars. 

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