Suicide Silence crush Long Island 3-12-15 w/ Fit For an Autopsy, Within the Ruins, & Emmure

Suicide Silence crush Long Island 3-12-15 w/ Fit For an Autopsy, Within the Ruins, & Emmure

It has been nearly three years since the tragic death of Suicide Silence lead vocalist Mitch Lucker. Following the sudden turn of events, fans were left heartbroken and wondering what direction the band would go, if any, in the aftermath of Lucker’s passing. It seemed, after almost a year hiatus, that the reign of the band was over until, in October 2013, the announcement was made that they would be moving forward with All Shall Perish’s Hernan “Eddie” Hermida as their new vocalist.   Beginning a new chapter in the history of Suicide Silence, in 2014, the band released their fourth overall album, You Can’t Stop Me, and first in the post-Lucker era. Now after spending last summer as a part of Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival and a tour with The Black Dahlia Murder, Suicide Silence returned to the stage in early 2015 with over a month of touring alongside other genre leaders Without Remorse, Fit For An Autopsy, and Emmure. Having already visited many major cities around North America back in October, this tour would hit a slew of new venues. One such stop came on Thursday, March 12th, in otherwise laid-back South Shore village of Patchogue on Long Island, New York when The Stronger Than Faith Tour rolled into The Emporium. Perhaps one of the more intense music events held at the multi-purpose venue, fans arrived ready for an evening of chaotic Metal that would rattle the structure’s very foundation.

As the doors opened relatively early, at 5:30 PM, shortly after a local scene band by the name of Without Remorse hit the stage. Formed back in 2004, the band consists of Chris McCarthy (guitars/vocals), Matt Martens (vocals), Shaun Kennedy (bass), and Seth Cuevas (drums). Combining an underground Hardcore sound with Death Metal techniques, the band powered through their set in a ferocious manner as supporters on the floor appeared out for blood as they moved about. Their two albums are available via Last Resort Records, and new material is in the works as they look to become an international act.

Next on the agenda was the first of the billed acts with New Jersey’s Fit For an Autopsy. Emerging with their first demo in 2008, the band has since become one of the brightest up-and-coming acts in the American Death Metal scene having released two studio records, including their most recent Hellbound in 2013 via eOne. Completing a successful tour with Devildriver and Whitechapel in 2014, the band now look to continue pulverizing in 2015. Coming to the stage without reservation, they went right for the throat with songs like “Thank You Budd Dwyer,” “Do You See Him?,” “Dead in the Dirt,” and favorite “Still We Destroy.” The balance of brutality and melody offered by the three guitar attack of Will Putney, Patrick Sheridan, and Tim Howley was a wall of Metal power as Joe Badolato’s vocals road over the top of it all. This band kept a firm hold through the speedy closer “Traveler” where plenty of bodies were slamming in the pit below. With a new vocalist and determination, it seems nothing can stop Fit For an Autopsy from Metal domination.

Ready to keep the packed house moving, New England’s Within the Ruins were up for the challenge. Formed in 2003, this band has dedicated themselves to extensive touring and releasing new material year after year. In fact, they have released four full-length albums in a six year spade, with 2014’s Phenomena their latest. Also an eOne band, like touring mates Fit For an Autopsy, Within the Ruins was a perfect fit for the bill and their fans could be found circling the pit clad in matching windbreakers, moshing their cares away. Playing a mix of their highly technical Metal, Within The Ruins set the bar of what to expect from the bands to follow them with songs like “Calling Card.” The band’s sheer brutality of Tim Goergen’s throat-driven Death Metal style vocals surprised many who had not been familiar with the band prior, and sparked a wave of new fans to head over to their merchandise table to purchase their album, shirts, and signature windbreakers. These guys continue to open eyes with their delivery, and even surviving a loss of equipment in a serious van accident back in February. Be sure to check them at Monster Energy’s Aftershock and New England Metal & Hardcore Festival in the coming months.

Having already been beaten to a pulp, more carnage was on the way with Queens, New York’s Emmure. As a band that has built a strong name for themselves over the years, they suffered an unforeseen setback in May of 2013 when lead vocalist Frankie Palmeri suffered an electrocution on a Moscow, Russia stage. Furthermore, Palmeri also has sustained a torn vocal chord and, as recent as late February, was advised not to scream by doctors. That is why when the tweet from Palmeri’s handler came earlier on March 12th that he would in fact be performing at Emporium, fans were beyond ecstatic.  Coming out with Jesse Ketive (guitar), Mike Mulholland (guitar), Mark Davis (bass), and Adam Pierce (drums), Palmeri appeared to be 100% as fans took to the stage and dove like lemmings off a cliff. Opening up with “Bring a Gun to School” and “Nemesis,” the band set the tone for their set, which brought all of Palmeri’s pent up rage and fury from the months of recuperation. Blasting through other songs like “N.I.A. (News in Arizona),” “E,” and “Children of Cybertron,” “When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong” closed out Emmure’s eleven song set with pure fire. The full lineup return had fans embracing the band with open arms and closed fists, which Emmure were more than happy to accept.

As the lights dimmed and the stage changed hands, the crowd was anxious for the arrival of Suicide Silence. Marking their first visit to Long Island in quite sometime, the area has always been a big support of Hardcore music and thus could not contain themselves when the announcement came down the band would be visiting Patchogue.  Geared up to take the moshing to the next level, the audience were ready to unleash fury.

As Suicide Silence graced the stage to a mass cheer, they opened up with “No Pity For a Coward.” From this point on, the raw anarchic nature in all ensued as a sea of band shirts jumped off the stage, a “girls-only” mosh pit broke out, with a wall of death would follow that would make Sir William Wallace proud. In such a display of stage diving, fans flung themselves carelessly into the crowd, and the female spectators showed up the males on all levels of intensity. As Suicide Silence played like a tight knit group, the environment was closest to an old-school Hardcore show many had seen in these parts in sometime, complete with the crowd grabbing the microphone and screaming the choruses.

Provoking such an overwhelming response, “Slave to Substance” saw the wall of death take shape as fans crushed each other in the pit, screaming “You’re All Slaves!” From this point on, the offering of songs encompassed the band’s entire career with highlights being tracks like “Unanswered” and “Fuck Everything,” which were met with thunderous applause. Inspired by the crowd’s enthusiasm, the ensemble of bassist Dan Kenny, drummer Alex Lopez, as well as guitarists Chris Garza and Mark Heylmun were whipping their hair like the true metalheads they are. Hermida matched their passion, moving around, standing atop a platform and gripping the microphone with two hands as he belted out screams. Winding down the set with “You Can’t Stop Me,” they immediately went into “You Only Live Once,” which opened up three separate mosh pits as the stage was full of fans diving left and right.

Upon the set conclusion, Hermida stayed at the end of the stage and took photos with every single fan that wanted one, taking the full responsibility as the bands ambassador to heart. Between small conversations with fans, he posed for professional photographers and fan selfies alike. Taking over as a band’s frontman is not an easy task, but Hermida has eased into his new role like a pro, and has done nothing but solidify his image to Suicide Silence’s fans as approachable and compassionate. For most bands continually on the road, the aggravation of travel and performance can wear them down and make them solitary or standoffish. For Suicide Silence, this is definitely not the case. Their formula for success continues to be tested, and the results continue to be positive. With The Stronger Than Ever tour coming to a close, there is no doubt the band will continue to expand their reach despite the trials and tribulations they have dealt with.

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