Suicide Silence – You Can’t Stop Me (Album Review)

Suicide Silence You Cant Stop Me Artwork edited 1 - Suicide Silence – You Can’t Stop Me (Album Review)

Suicide Silence – You Can’t Stop Me (Album Review)

suicide silence - Suicide Silence – You Can’t Stop Me (Album Review)

Suicide Silence has made more than just a reputation in the Death metal genre. Ever since the group debuted with their first two albums “The Cleansing” and “No Time To Bleed” they’ve built a respected name for themselves and even gained recognition on the Billboard charts. However, the tragic death of front man, Mitch Lucker, in a motorcycling accident in 2012 left fans shocked and uncertain of the future of Suicide Silence. More than a year after the worst doubts about the band’s future, Suicide Silence refused to cease and invited ex-All Shall Perish singer, Eddie Hermida, to be the bands new vocalist and announcing their fourth studio album You Can’t Stop Me.

 You Can’t Stop Me does not waist any time trying to impress. Its opening track “Inherit The Crown” slaps listeners in the face with a we’re-back-and-better-then-ever attitude as shown by the sheer emotion and style new vocalist Eddie Hermida expresses. When paired with angry death metal guitars and a more than head banging worthy, get-up-and-stomp rhythm section, listeners can let go of any anxiety about the quality of this album and just enjoy.

“Cease to Exist” and “Scared World” both utilizes Hermida’s vocal fluidity and range to build and release tension by switching off between deep growling shouts and high pitch screams on every line. This angry emotion when paired up with the expertly composed mess of intermittent rattling in the background will have have fans struggling to find a favorite instrumental solo.

“Control” is another standout track due to the harmony of vocals and rhythm. The fast paced, flying off the rail intensity of  “Control” slows down just enough at the choruses for listeners to hear every pitch of the lyrics “It’s controlling you” echoing through their headphones.  The vocal depth Hermida achieves in his growls and screams is hair rising on this track, and almost every track.

However, no song on this album can compare to magnificent title track “You Can’t Stop Me” which stands out not only for its killer and unexpected bass line, group vocals, and eerie guitar riffs, but for it’s progression. From fear, to anticipation, to confidence, this progression is used by every member in mastering the over all tone of the album.  With lyrics written by Mitch Lucker, “You Can’t Stop Me” acts as the gateway between the old and new Suicide Silence and proclaims the album’s anthem “You can’t stop me.”

Even with Suicide Silence’s style going beyond expectations, the group of five decided to throw back to their first EP by rerecording “Ending Is The Beginning.” Although the original track was well developed, and well received, improvements on this version cannot be ignored.

Some songs on You Can’t Stop Me  have a slightly more common death metal sound by just crossing the line between intense and loud. “Don’t Die” and other tracks on the second half of the album contain some lyrics that aren’t fully developed and  contrast with lyrics on past Suicide Silence albums.  Luckily, talent and reputation keep these songs just as interesting and enjoyable to as the others.

Overall, Suicide Silence can sit back and be very proud. You Can’t Stop Me makes strides in developing a memorable style and energy that is difficult to bring to the death metal genera. Each song is expertly written, recorded, and refined to drip with the intensity and emotion fans have only come to expect Suicide Silence. Which begs the question of what’s to come next. CrypticRock gives this album a 4.5 out of 5.

Suicide Silence You Cant Stop Me Artwork - Suicide Silence – You Can’t Stop Me (Album Review)

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